Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley

There was a look in Pacquiao’s eyes in round 4 that indicated something wasn’t quite comfortable with the reigning champ, despite a few moments later knocking 7 bells out of Bradley.

Round 5 : See’s Bradley swinging randomly towards the end like a drunk in a bar room right but the corner cam reveals Manny’s mouth bleeding

Round 7 : Loving how fluid and natrul a puncher Manny is.  People say you have to do something 10 thousand times  to get good at something.  I’d bet you’d at least triple that for Pacquiao.  In this round Bradley is either being an intelligent boxer taking his time and marking out shot or he’s just completely knackered.

Round 9 : Bradley looks plain, old fashioned, tired somehow managing to pull a good few landing swings. Here you can see the training of a 1 – 2, bob, weave 1 – 2.  Even when Manny is swinging and missing not all of the power is being unleashed. That takes some doing to pull your punch.  End of the round, corner coachers are concerned about the foot from round 2?

Timothy Bradley Boxing Twisted Right Foot

Round 10 : Bradleys corner says he’s compromised with a “Broken right foot”  Not sure about anyone else but walking, let alone boxing on a broken foot is nigh on impossible.  Freddy Roach sounds awful, whats up with him. Anyone else noticing the slurring?

Round 12 :  Conditioning shines through on both boxers.  Commentators mentions Pacquiao V Mayweather.  Wouldn’t that be the ultimate match ever?

HOW THE HELL DID TIMOTHY BRADLEY win that fight?  If ever there was an outrageous decision this was it.

Bradley wins with a split decision over Pacquiao, god only knows how.  Pacquiao threw less punches but was more accurate over the fight round by round. 


November 10th Rematch.  Manny show’s good grace in defeat.  When asked about a rematch he moves the conversation back to respect for Bradley but not answering if he will attend rematch.

End of the cast commentators end up making excuses for the scoring system.  Seems you only win a match here with a knockout.

Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley

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