Prometheus – Full of Plot Hole, Inconsistances, Askming More Questions Than Answering.

At the start of the movie there is sweeping cinematic scenes, grandiose landscapes, and then an alien that decides to kill itself. Imagery I felt that this was some sort of trick to keep me guessing and helped into the film right until the end, which it did to be honest but was still one of the many questions left unanswered at the end of the film.

Ridley Scott has reminded us all many times that this is NOT an Alien prequel but a movie set in the same universe.  With that in mind why so many references to Alien.  The crew count at the start of the voyage and more than an odd nod throughout the rest of the film

We then cut to a scene of an archaeological dig whether scientists are meticulously excavating and making sure that things are done in a proper fashion and not disturbing any potential artefacts that could be discovered.

Cutting to the scene in space, the planet L2 26, which should be at L246 made me wonder why they weren’t using the same planet names as this is set in the same alien universe.

The moment that the scientists arrive on the planet all of this meticulous preparation and procedural planning goes out the window as they boldly step onto an alien planet, into an alien enclosure, remove their helmets on an alien planet, and then start to poke about anything and everything with no real regard as to what might happen.

I realise this point in my same just a little bit like health and safety Nazi but it’s true. You wouldn’t go wandering around on any implied poking and prodding everything in sight.

There is one particular scene where vials start to bubble and ooze. Moments later two crew members (Star Trek redshirt brigade) who at the beginning of the film were almost mortal enemies and then have suddenly bonded together, are then stranded in this alien enclosure and decide that the alien ship with the alien vessels is the best place to hang out. Let’s not forget that these scientists were handpicked for their special knowledge to come on this voyage.

So what do you do when you’re on an alien planet, things are starting to get a little bit funky? You certainly don’t try to interact with some deadly ooze. Is this sort of almost “b” film scripting which verges on making the whole film a little bit hokey in places. It is at this point in the film that discussing the meaning of life and where we come from goes out the window in favour of full on action scenes.

More plot inconsistencies.

One crew member gets infected and quarantine procedures are initiated but borrowing heavily from the alien film these are almost overruled. Later on in the film another crew member, the one who was playing around in the alien goo and presumed dead, turns up outside the ship and was no quarantine procedures is allowed back in. Mayhem ensues and several bit players of the cast are killed off. This is the 1st point in the film that we get some idea we are heading into the alien universe as before entering the ship he’s crouched in the alien position.

The crew.
David The Android
It was painfully obvious unlike the alien that the android was going to be evil. There was no subtlety about the character at all as all this was set in place at the opening of the film.

Meredith Vickers – Played by Charlize Theron
Does a great job of playing the straight faced bitch boss yet if you watch the film the more her hair becomes relaxed the more the demeanour of the character changes and softens at the same time. I don’t really feel that the current have that much consistency and almost reeked of script edits at the last moment. Her death at the end of the film almost made me stand up and shout at the screen “oh come on” because she felt like they’d run out of ideas on how to kill characters off at this point.


It’s cliched to agree with everyone else is reviewed the film but those other people I come from to agree with that all in all Prometheus does indeed answer the question about the space jockey in the film alien but that comes as the massive cost of raising more questions than the film actually answers.

Acting wise there’s nothing really to complain about well apart from Peter Weyland looking like some bloke dressed up to look old.

Finally, the biggest glaring error in Prometheus.

The space jockey in the film alien is sat at his gun with his chest burst open yet in Prometheus we see the 1st revolution of the alien creature as we’ve come to know it burst open in an escape pod. Are we supposed to assume that this took part in the same universe but on a different planet with a different space jockey? Running under just 2 1/2 hours Prometheus was a film full of stuff happening but not answer any of the questions that was posting.

I’m not saying it’s a bad film but neither am I saying it’s a film where I came out of the cinema and said “wow”, really bringing me back into the world of the alien universe

Prometheus – Full of Plot Hole, Inconsistances, Askming More Questions Than Answering.

One thought on “Prometheus – Full of Plot Hole, Inconsistances, Askming More Questions Than Answering.

  1. Phil says:

    I’ll keep it simple; I agree.

    Apart from David 8, I thought he was a great character, very creepy.

    Pity they felt the need to just borrow so many scenes and scenarios from Alien/Aliens. I agree about the editiing, it felt patched together and incoherent. Hopefully there will be an extended Directors Cut released at some point.

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