Judge ‘Dredd’ trailer premieres: Dredd 3d

Just caught the new Judge Dredd trailer. Looks like it’s aiming squarely at a half decent B movie. Wait didn’t the first attempt at this one do the same? Will post the video up laters.

Seems the plot involves a drug called Slo-Mo.  Why?  Because it makes everything slow down and a second seem like minutes.  Ya see what they did there?

Introduce a cute female judge who… waiiitttttt for ittt.  Yup shes a rookie as well that can also kick ass.  That’s a 2nd cliche sorted.

Thankfully “I am the law” isn’t butchered like stallones effort.

You know it;s going to be hokey when the main title is Dredd……3D

Judge ‘Dredd’ trailer premieres: Dredd 3d

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