The Oktoberfest 2012 Diaries – Thursday.

Wednesday 11:39 AM
Morning world. Not long to go neighbour for a make my way to Germany.

1630. Sorted, almost.
Clothes collected from the repair was, you rose purchased, really need to get a few hours sleep this afternoon as tomorrow I’m going to be awake for the best part of 24 hours

0115. The morning of departure.

Damn my over active mind. Thought I’d be able to crash out on the sofa for a couple of hours before starting on a five hour car journey. The moment I sit down and try to get some rest my over active mind kicks in reminding me of a few jobs that I should have done earlier in the day but have forgotten. 30 minutes later I finally filled a job application in for Swansea University.

My alarm is set to go off at 2:30 and I leads to leave the house at 3 o’clock

3 AM in the morning
I think I might of got about 20 minutes sleep in year. The car is parked it is ready and it’s time to hit the road. I’m planning several little stops on the first of which is about an hour and a half away. After that it stonewalling sponsored motorway that awaits me.

4am. Time for a McDonald coffee. Much as I’m against 24 hours opening it’s coming I

4:48 AM. Hundred and 51 miles to go. Starting to struggle a little bit now to be honest.

5.50 am
Really, really tired now. Quite surprised at the amount of traffic on the road right now. Coffee and pee break required.

6:24 AM. 55 miles to go.

There seems to be a strange phenomena that close I get to London faster everyone seems to drive.  I’m going at a steady 75mph here and almost everyone is blitzing pass me

7:17 AM arrived at car park.
With only a minor argument with the satnav I seem to have arrived at my destination in one piece thank god.

Some stats
4hr 16mins
58 mph on average.

Checking in to purple parking seems to take its sweet time. Soo tired. Can’t wait to have a walk and get some air.

I’ve also noticed how prevalent stop start technology is in these days. Only just noticed that its my old banger making the noise queueing to park

0822. Servis air lounge.
What a waste of time and money this place is. Small, too hot food consists of muffins or bran flakes. None of the scrambled egg I was looking forward to and what was advertised. And of course it’s full of posh types lookin down on me as i tramp the place up :). Going for a bloody Guinness.

Nice lady has just come to offer me a bacon roll. Can hear a microwave going so that’s bound to take like shite.



I was right about the bacon roll.  Microwaved and see how small it is for that sachet.  Save your money and don’t spend the £17 unless you can drink enough beer and use enough wifi.


0920. The £4.40 Guinness
Dear world. If you are going to extract that amount of cash from me, how about a full pint. #bahhumbug


Memo to self. Don’t try to smile and look cool around women with a Guinness moustache.

1215. Grubs up on the plane

Well something that can be passed for food at the least. It’s a Swiss take on the British airways cheese roll.


On another note my iPhone is just about dead. Christ it’s not like I’ve punished it or Anything like that just texts. Email and about 20 mins of calls.  Bear in mind it was charged all the way here.  iOS solves batter life issues.  Hmmm ok.  Might just send it back to Apple.

1647. Arrived

Chatted with an Aussie in Zurich airport, had some decent beer, did a city hope from Zurich to munich.  Now in Munich departure lounge waiting for my luggage and then having to brave the train now waiting for luggage and then have to brave the train 🙂

My luggage was deemed special so it had its own little conveyor with no signs. Well that killed 30 mins. At least one thing never changes, just how mind numbing waiting or a train can be.


It was supposed to be the following

19 minute  wait
41 minutes to HBF
Swap platform (literall 1 second walk)
Catch s8 to sollN

What actually happened

23 minute wait
65 mintes to HBF
Mayhem as platforms were changed.  Cue a lot of frustrated calls to my friend in germany trying to find the platform.
Catch S7 to Solln

Meet friend at the platform and head to hers.  She has to head back to work but time for the first of many..

first german beer

THE best lager ever..  Period.  If you think Stella or Carlsberg is the closest thing to the nirvana of beer you need your head examined.  Time to chill out and at 1920 I’m done and need a rest.

2030 – Out on the tiles.

Time to go out and get some sight seeing done, wander around and then grab some beers.

First notes.
Everything is clean
Women are… amazing.  I mean all those cliches about German women.. True.. all of them.


2147 – Food and beverages

What passes for Bar food here is a million miles away from that of any weather spoons.  I cant remember what I had but it was along the lines of pork slices, with bacon, potatoe, cheese and gravy served up on a warm plate.  2 meals, 2 beers $25 and believe me it was more than good.  This was pub food as well!


We leave one place and head to another.  As I’m writing this in the future because wordpress fucked me over on my phone

Munich Cathedral Oktoberfest 2012


2301. Walking around quickly to see some sights.  It’s starting to catch up on me now.  The 2nd wind needs to come quick.  Man alive. German women. Man. Will do my best to post Snelly worthy pictures.

0008 Thursday. Still up

And yes, still partying…

Audio File Munich

First night of seeing this band.  Not bad but the guitarist seems slightly restrained and needs to let loose.  Just sitting back taking it all in.  It’s a heady mix here of different cultures, types and styles.

0302 FRIDAY morning.

Remember that I woke up wednesday at 1200, Slept for 2 hours if I’m lucky, grabbed 30 mins on the flight and now I’m back to bed.  Tired, excited and head’s about to explode.  Little did I know what else was to come…




The Oktoberfest 2012 Diaries – Thursday.

You Can’t Avoid Me Forever.

What the hell. Another 2 weeks past and boom another ex decides, yup, know is a great time to get in touch with.

You can’t avoid me forever! We have been through too much..”

At the last count it was 8 weeks since we last even met, 9 blow outs and no show’s of varying excuses etc. So anyone care to point out how I’m avoiding? More like I just don’t see the point. Updated with full chat log.

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You Can’t Avoid Me Forever.

Casa Di Mama Pizza Salame Review : Its Shit.

Casa Di Mama Pizza Salame Review

Right now, if you’ve never read my blog, know who I am, give 2 craps about anything then believe these words.  Any pizza that relies on grease proof paper to be baked on will taste like shit.  You can guarantee the base will taste like those old school meals where you peeled said paper from the back of the lasgane or pizza

Sure it;s given it a texture, from grease proof paper to crunchy topping but what about this whole raising dough claim.  Well thats also BS.  As with all pizza with a self rising claim the outside goes nice and light and the middle is some sort of mess thats yet to be classified.  It;s a river where all mush flows to resulting in that soggy, dropey pizza taste.

That ham topping has such a subtle taste and texture to it, that it might as well not even be there.  You’d really have to focus on the fact you were eating ham to even realise it was there.

So is there any good points to this pizza, bearing in mind I’m smashed outta my skull.  Well yes. It was on offer and reminded me that i need to blog about pizzas.

So what have we learnt here.  Any pizza display that shows a firm pizza will always be propped up with a pizza slicer or serving implement.  Grease proof paper never makes for a tasty meal and it’s not worth £3.50.

Casa Di Mama Pizza Salame Review : Its Shit.