Casa Di Mama Pizza Salame Review : Its Shit.

Casa Di Mama Pizza Salame Review

Right now, if you’ve never read my blog, know who I am, give 2 craps about anything then believe these words.  Any pizza that relies on grease proof paper to be baked on will taste like shit.  You can guarantee the base will taste like those old school meals where you peeled said paper from the back of the lasgane or pizza

Sure it;s given it a texture, from grease proof paper to crunchy topping but what about this whole raising dough claim.  Well thats also BS.  As with all pizza with a self rising claim the outside goes nice and light and the middle is some sort of mess thats yet to be classified.  It;s a river where all mush flows to resulting in that soggy, dropey pizza taste.

That ham topping has such a subtle taste and texture to it, that it might as well not even be there.  You’d really have to focus on the fact you were eating ham to even realise it was there.

So is there any good points to this pizza, bearing in mind I’m smashed outta my skull.  Well yes. It was on offer and reminded me that i need to blog about pizzas.

So what have we learnt here.  Any pizza display that shows a firm pizza will always be propped up with a pizza slicer or serving implement.  Grease proof paper never makes for a tasty meal and it’s not worth £3.50.

Casa Di Mama Pizza Salame Review : Its Shit.

One thought on “Casa Di Mama Pizza Salame Review : Its Shit.

  1. Phil says:

    Wasn’t bad last time I had one of those! I suggest removing the paper and cooking it on a pizza stone mind you. Your tinfoil covered baking tray contraption just can’t cut it.. 😉

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