You Can’t Avoid Me Forever.

What the hell. Another 2 weeks past and boom another ex decides, yup, know is a great time to get in touch with.

You can’t avoid me forever! We have been through too much..”

At the last count it was 8 weeks since we last even met, 9 blow outs and no show’s of varying excuses etc. So anyone care to point out how I’m avoiding? More like I just don’t see the point. Updated with full chat log.

21 August 2107
—– —– —–
Her: How are you doing?

21 August 2122
—– —– —–
Me: Not well :(. Have a temp, tight chest, coughing etc

Her: Exactly what I had! AFTER a stomach virus which has knocked me out the past 3 weeks. I spent most of weekend away ill in bed and puking/upset tummy most days. You’d think I’d loose weight but think I’ve gained with water retention!! 😦

Me: Last few days have slaughtered me. High temps so just trying to stay hydrated. Poor smug needs to goto the vet still.

Her: O fuck I’ve still got that stuff at home! Sorry will drop in tomorrow afternoon when I finish work. Had 1 set of visitors staying after the next atm and forgot. Any luck with work?

Me: it’s hard work entertaining at the best of times especially if ill. A nights sleep is all i want lol. Horses doing ok now?

21 August @ 2149
—– —– —–
Me: Work wise. Never heard back from Sodexo when i told you about that job there. Job centre were bast@@@s because I didn’t look for work when dad passed away despite me going in the afternoon I was told and told them.

Her: :(. well keep looking.something will come up. Horses are all doing well now. Just sold 2 mares,1 foal and 2 donkeys so will help the numbers for winter when they go! Still leaves us with 32 though! Lol

21 August 2204
—– —– —–
Me: I’m going to go on a horse when im better. Dear god despite being ill a pub or getting out for a walk is calling as tv tonight is shockingly poor.

Her: Then do it. Get out of the house.

Me: has the barracks gone into summer mode yet, Glaston Brawdy go well?

21st August 2227
Done and back to normal as of monday this week. Both festivals went well 🙂

4th September 2107

Did the stuff I got from the vets work on smug? They said it is better than the ear bite treatment they normally give? How are you? I’ve sent 5 emails but everyone has come back with a notification saying they fail to send 😦
You can’t avoid me forever! We have been through too much…

You Can’t Avoid Me Forever.

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