The Oktoberfest 2012 Diaries – Friday.

We head into day 2 of the Oktoberfest 2012 Diaries having barely slept, drank way too much despite promising myself not to go too mad on the first night of arriving in Germany.  In this episode it scarey rides, I meet a woman and have my beloved iPhone confiscated.

Friday – 0730

Woke up.  Yeah right like I’m getting out bed now.  The world can wait a few more hours as I’m sleep deprived but you know what, not that hung over.  Perhaps it’s the adrenaline and the first night of the holiday kicking in.

1230 – Ring ring.

Dear lord what’s going on here.  House phone is going mad.  Is this some strange german telemarketing firm trying to bug the crap out of me.  Decide not to answer it.

1245.  Ring ring, ring ring, arrrghhh.

ok, ok I’ll answer it in english and then if it is sales people they will bugger off and leave me be.

1301.  Rush rush.

“I’ll be there with the kids I look after shortly as they want to go to the rides at the festival. Pick you up in 10”  Time for a mad rush around shower.  This could be the start of a very long day.

1518 – Arrive at Ocktoberfest.

Things are big.. REALLY big.  Any picture you have ever seen of the festival you can ignore right now as it’s simply not going to do things justice.

hacker-pschorr brau ocktoberfest 2012

Oktoberfest 2012

Ocktoberfest 2012 Ferris Wheel

1547 – A man of science and logic BUT…

Ocktoberfest 2012 Scary Ride

This ride scared me half to death.  Bear in mind in with my friend Sue who bought along the children she is a nanny for..  I understand the logic, the health and safety and all that but when you are going foward and you run out of track beneath you….

1655 Heading home.

**reserved space**

1930.  Heading back out

**reserved space**

2150.  The first Mass

**reserved space**

2350 – The Start of the Nina Diaries

**reserved space**

0300 – Home again.  I think??  It’s all a blur

**reserved space**

The Oktoberfest 2012 Diaries – Friday.

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