Peace via acceptance.

Before you can move forward in life I think you have to make peace with the past and then accept how things are on the world.

In general.

Giving people benefit of the doubt will be a massive fail.

Superficialness is part and parcel of things. No exception to this one at all.

There is always someone better than you. Always. There is no long of the hill and if there is, it’s short lived.

Ill share more hopefully.

As always there are exceptions to the rules.

Oh and here’s a random nina pic I got sent in Halloween. “She often thinks about you but is happy with her new man”

I love being right. I said she would have someone within 2 weeks.

(Was relayed by someone I still talk to from Oktoberfest)

Not sure if I posted ths but who remember life on mars? Gene Genie realises or lets it know he knows he’s in purgatory, just helping people along. A touch melodramatic I suppose but that how I feel.

Most people I’ve known more than a passing comment have all gone onto great things. If its a woman then it’s normally after parting ways with me.

It’s a double edge sword of convincing yourself because you know others are happily moving forward and findinf personal solace within but you feel personally like your feet are stuck in a quagmire, instead of taking a deep breath,e it’s a sigh with an utterance of “what’s next”.

Peace via acceptance.