2012 Marxworld Roundup

Thought I’d revisit this year in a roundup style. As marxworld enters another year of erratic blogging.

Unemployed but making the most of it.

Went to Cardiff for my birthday. Apparently some lass at the Cardiff waterfront was flirting with me but I didn’t see it. Thought she was just nice. She was hot tho.

Relationships come and go and the Lin era is dying.

But the most significant thing my dad passing away.

You learn who real friends are very quickly.

Ocktoberfest : and the Nina files. Proof that you can be the ultimate peso for someone but even at your best its not good enough. This one still bugs me.

Big ex re appears. We even met for coffee.
Fridge Freezer gets delivered after a 7 week wait.

December 11th. Back to work. Painful stuff.

2012 Marxworld Roundup