Can I find someone who has a clue ?

Tuesday. It’s raining yet again but it’s that fine stuff, the stuff that soaks you right through. So of course this would be the day to start installing projectors in places.

Not the lovely sunny Monday, not last week when I saw this coming and mentioned it, nope today and its urgent. This has come down from on high.

So after traversing site 2 times due to a buggered remote control in the rain, that projector is next on my hit list. Grabbing said projector I ask the boss if he’s sure this is the right one. With his monotone voice I’m said yes and told to put it “on the side”.

Another 5 minute walk in the rain I arrive, looking forward to getting this one done and getting that cup of morning tea which has proved elusive so far. Each and every time I go to brew up something needs to be done.

ES greets me, kinda cute in a dorky way. HAs that look of teenage pregnancy around the corner. Anyways she’s nice enough to me and leads me to where this projector needs to go.

We arrive and in a square shaped room there is no “side”. No shelves or even anywhere safe to put this. Instead as obvious as one day turns into another, gazing down from on high is a projector bracket. Yup. Wrong projector for the room and it’ll need mounting on the ceiling (remember I did ask if this was the right one and if it had all the leads that I would need).

Another trip bAck to the office to be told to do it later. I did say look at me I’m piss wet through but like most statements made to any manager this garnered no comment.

So it’s 1035, soaked, 8 hours to go and I’m sure Es thinks I’m stalking her the amount of times I’ve been down her way. At least it’s not Barbara.

Can I find someone who has a clue ?

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