Back to work. Finding the optimum of people. Not the maximum.

In our rush to perform I believe companies and corporations have stopped seeing people as people but more of machines but treated with less mechanical sympathy than say a tractor.

Take the other day of having to get soaked through to complete a job. Yes it was completed but the rest of the day was a write off. Being damp to the core affects anyone’s mind let alone that of someone who’s been out of work for 2 years.

The tractor in a field doesn’t care about conditions and can only plough as optimally as conditions allow, also taking into account fuel optimisation as well. So why are humans pushed harder than machinery?

In many instances we are more fragile than the tools we work with yet when a target hasn’t been met, like in sales, a push starts to achieve said target. People work harder, longer, sacrificing breaks and when they don’t, scorned upon for not being committed or the old faithful statement to pull on anyone’s emotional loyalty, not being a team player.

Targets then increase because the push helped achieve whilst lurking behind the scenes, bean counters work out revenues per head and so on.

Lets face it we all do it, go the extra mile and all that but wouldn’t it be nice to be rewarded for doing extra instead of it being an expectation ?

Back to work. Finding the optimum of people. Not the maximum.

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