Back To Work : How To Alienate People

Blergh. This morning was a struggle to get up and moving. Hearing that wind howl across the bedroom window was enough to put me right off. 8.05 I hauled my carcass out of bed, giving me 15 minutes to get up, moving, ready and on the road. 8.30 I’m then on the road and arrive a few minutes late. Ah well it’s friday and after this week I really don’t care.

As I rock up still cold to the bone, maintainence are cornering off areas in a CSI Miami type style. One of the boys tell me that the chimney was falling off and landed on a car. I chuckle as the big wigs in their offices have finally felt a touch of repayment for being who they are. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not keen on seeing unwarranted damages but at times it’s nice to see those better off get a bit of the bad stuff

So as I chuckle, quite loudly by accident, I’m then told it’s AW’s car. Crap. He’s one of the more down to earth managers who’ll help out when he can. Obviously now he’s stomping around as his car got some light damage and think’s I was laughing at him, when it was mistaken.

God darn it brain why didn’t you engage sooner.

Todays Lesson Learnt.
Get up earlier and eat breakfast to help the brain engage.
Take a quick pause before saying anything

Back To Work : How To Alienate People

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