Back to work LIVEBLoG : The staff party

1829. Should be at least making tracks to get the bus but not bothering. Don’t want to get there early and be a spare prick at a wedding any earlier than needs be.

Side note. For some reason some mod the girls are now dropping in they have boyfriends. Can say I’m surprised as I wasn’t interested but my naive friendless always gets taken the wrong way.

**1920**. Planning to get there just after eight. Need a drink. Walking into a room of 200+ people of which I know of 10 of that but not enough to talk to for more than 10 mins. Thankfully I have the it store room key to go and hide for a bit 🙂

**1935** last minute reading. 5 ways to
Compliment a woman.

I honestly want to be sick right now. On the way. Had a beer before leaving and need that first pint wee.

**2213**. Sat next to Gemma from front of house. Hmm if only she was drinking I’d look attractive. Never realised she had a tatoo down her leg. It’s nice as well.

Everyone’s gone dancing as the drinks flow so the social etiquette of the night is long gone. Hour and half to the bus. Not sure if ill last till then.

2235. J gone. G gone and I’m sat at a table on my own. 25 mins to go. The pavilion is freezing And token

Back to work LIVEBLoG : The staff party

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