She’s back… Again?

She’s back. Again

Three days of nothing and then I get a random message to say that she’s just upgraded to an iPhone five. At least I’m starting to recognise that there is a pattern going online. She’s either in touch because she want something or she’s in touch to tell me something good in her life.

After his suggestion to me on the beach last week I’m starting to throw a little testers into the conversation. So five suggested just meeting up for coffee twice with no definitive answer at all.

Okay so I’ll admit There is a very small part, and I mean very, very small part, that likes to gear from here. I know it’s stupid, completely wrong, nothing good is going to come from this and that’s why it’s a very small part of me. The main part of me things Jesus Christ what she after now.

The other week four example she got her ego boost from my pathetic ramblings telling her about all the things I do wish we had done together and my exact feelings for her back then. So now she’s had a much-needed ego boost what next?

Trying not to overthink it all for me is a difficult process. If you remember the other night so she asked me to come with her to the swimming pool with her three kids. After she said that i think shes trying yo distance herself from that comment. Is it because she sometimes wonder what it would be like if it was “us” doing the family stuff. Come what may I’m not doing anything where kids are involved

So my mind is thinking did she make a mistake, is she trying to distance herself from me again to stop any feelings for me (very unlikely) or is it something else.

All I have to do for the next few months is the place again until the battle over dad is well has been sorted because I might need her to come to court. 😦

She’s back… Again?

No I will not fix your *insert outdated tech here *

That’s it. I am placing a ban on anyone who comes to me with a laptop >4 years old for “fixing”

There comes a time when hardware is dead an you have to move on. Sure ill advise on what laptop you need by why bother. You’ve already decided you “don’t want to spend much ” so off you go. Head to Tesco get one on sale and marvel at how you’ve just bought outdated technology with no battery life.

Revel in the tea and coffee making you’ll have to do as norton / McFafee grinds your startup time into an eternity.

Just get an iPad or a tablet instead and save us both this pain.

No I will not fix your *insert outdated tech here *

Didn’t think about that.

As a work mate has just pointed out to me I had no right to day what I did to the ex who’s entered into a marital vow with her husband. How did I not think of that?

As expected shes now dropped off the planet again. This time I have a feeling she will be in touch again for those damn tickets for swimming. As soon as this thing with my dad is over and I don’t have to care about what I do, because I won’t need her, the better.

I’ve got to try not to ate that now she’s hot the ego boost I always geared she would have. I do wonder why she uses me as a boost for her self esteem. She can shag anyone she wants to and ill bet blokes are sniffing around her and with all that’s gone on, just how far down the bottom of the barrel did she have to scrape to end up with needing to come to me.

There’s nothing to understand about her comment from the other day. Fuck it her kids have a dad, she has her social circles from her new family.

Lesson learnt here is I’m just for her when she’s bored. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I almost wish I’d kept a log of when she gets in touch and for what reasons for predictive patterning.

Didn’t think about that.

She’s back

In honestly thought that after my emotional out pouring that would be it for ex style contact. Alas I’m wrong.

Trying a different tactic now to see what she wants. As we all know women tire of compliments or a challenge, well this one does anyways so ill test the waters to see what she wants.

I’ve a feeling it’ll be something like tickets for work or something.

She’s back

Would you like a coffee?

Would you like coffee?

Most of the day’s work much of a muchness. You going, and the phone for an hour, the jobs for the next two hours, go out on site do you work, have a small break, and then it all starts over again. I Occasionally can easily know you get little amusing moments like to have the other day.

At work the house keeping a lot can be a funny old bunch. They tend to keep to themselves and when you drive friend on site in a buggy you never tend to say hello or even acknowledging. The the own separate length to complain really, they do have a good job to do this quite crappy one at the same time.

I’ll speak season approached, work when on a recruitment drive to get more staff and more managers in. One of the managers happens to be polish.

She’s quite a slim type of girl and also very well spoken. The English is incredibly well constructed as you tend to buy with most Europeans who have come over to the UK to do some work.

This is my first encounter with her as I did hear IT induction a few months ago but even then some strange reason she was standing by the close to me. Most people have a certain sort of comfort zone or if you look around in everyday situations there is at least some sort of acceptable gap between you and the person you’re speaking to. She was completely within my little personal space I was also doing a few sort of touches on the arm and stuff like that. Of course this is where the alarm bell started ringing.

In no way shape or form am I an attractive figure out work. My combats that I wear what a daily basis are starting to go that lovely off-colour black from being washed too much on my T-shirt is looking somewhat slightly special after being the only teashop had to wear for nine months.

Seeking imagine my surprise when after a discussion about what she gets up to you outside of work, how did you find it living on site and other such sort of small talk things I tend to do she asked me for a coffee. Well more specifically a really good coffee which makes me wonder because it work we don’t have any such thing.

On site we sell a lager called perone from whopping great £5.20.

Once again she’s touching my arm and then oh yes I forgot about this was in work next ahead and manager was well and she announces that Mark’s coming over for a coffee.

And then it happens. “Oh yes and by the way I really need my laptop looking R so i can contact my friends and family back home can you help?”

Can you see this is where everything becomes a bit confusing. I’ve said A few times I don’t mind coming down after work and picking a laptop up from her or she can drop into the office. BA she still seems quite I don’t know actually, perhaps keen or is she just being polite I actually don’t know.

The only thing I know is that if it seems too good to be true then it normally is And I can imagine she has a fair share of admirers. For a woman in the late 40s she really does have an absolutely outstanding figure but in the back of my mind something doesn’t seem quite right here.

But the worst in about this whole situation even taking away the social closing clumsiness of yours truly is the fact that why can never be in up-to-date laptop I have to repair? Why does it have to be some pile of shit from 1996 with half gig of memory if I’m lucky? Does anybody realise what it’s like to have to make small talk the two hours it takes a really old laptop to boot up?

Still like the “nice guy” that I am ongoing fix it I’ll spend a lot of time getting stressed over it But here’s hoping that at least the keyboard is in English

here’s a lot of pressure

Would you like a coffee?