Didn’t think about that.

As a work mate has just pointed out to me I had no right to day what I did to the ex who’s entered into a marital vow with her husband. How did I not think of that?

As expected shes now dropped off the planet again. This time I have a feeling she will be in touch again for those damn tickets for swimming. As soon as this thing with my dad is over and I don’t have to care about what I do, because I won’t need her, the better.

I’ve got to try not to ate that now she’s hot the ego boost I always geared she would have. I do wonder why she uses me as a boost for her self esteem. She can shag anyone she wants to and ill bet blokes are sniffing around her and with all that’s gone on, just how far down the bottom of the barrel did she have to scrape to end up with needing to come to me.

There’s nothing to understand about her comment from the other day. Fuck it her kids have a dad, she has her social circles from her new family.

Lesson learnt here is I’m just for her when she’s bored. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I almost wish I’d kept a log of when she gets in touch and for what reasons for predictive patterning.

Didn’t think about that.

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