She’s back… Again?

She’s back. Again

Three days of nothing and then I get a random message to say that she’s just upgraded to an iPhone five. At least I’m starting to recognise that there is a pattern going online. She’s either in touch because she want something or she’s in touch to tell me something good in her life.

After his suggestion to me on the beach last week I’m starting to throw a little testers into the conversation. So five suggested just meeting up for coffee twice with no definitive answer at all.

Okay so I’ll admit There is a very small part, and I mean very, very small part, that likes to gear from here. I know it’s stupid, completely wrong, nothing good is going to come from this and that’s why it’s a very small part of me. The main part of me things Jesus Christ what she after now.

The other week four example she got her ego boost from my pathetic ramblings telling her about all the things I do wish we had done together and my exact feelings for her back then. So now she’s had a much-needed ego boost what next?

Trying not to overthink it all for me is a difficult process. If you remember the other night so she asked me to come with her to the swimming pool with her three kids. After she said that i think shes trying yo distance herself from that comment. Is it because she sometimes wonder what it would be like if it was “us” doing the family stuff. Come what may I’m not doing anything where kids are involved

So my mind is thinking did she make a mistake, is she trying to distance herself from me again to stop any feelings for me (very unlikely) or is it something else.

All I have to do for the next few months is the place again until the battle over dad is well has been sorted because I might need her to come to court. 😦

She’s back… Again?

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