Dictated but not read. It’s been a funny old day

Dictated but not read.

As Arkwright would say it’s been a funny old day today.

7:15 AM. The alarm goes off and the first thing I notice is that it’s a little bit nippy. God knows I hate waking up alone, especially on days like this. I permit myself to have a little daydream and think about the last person I woke up with. Unsurprisingly I feel a little sad.

8:20 AM. The big ex-girlfriend gets in touch once again wanting something from me. This time, without even so much as a good morning, she wants to know how to print from her iPhone. No hello or anything. See the picture below

9 AM. Getting the most strangest pains in my chest. Don’t worry if not a heart-attack just a little warning that something old is going to happen in Mark’s world. The sensation was so intense that it resulted in me almost doubling over more than once. What was going on in the universe wouldn’t be revealed to me until later.

1:30 PM. Out of the blue from nowhere I get the message from my half sister Chloe. I’m absolutely surprised and flabbergasted to have heard from her in such a long time as I have sent a few messages via iMessage.

2:30 PM. My Polish woman decides to email me directly in work. Needing help “with the computer”. Seeing as she didn’t even bother to wave to me as I was leaving work yesterday that email got promptly deleted

5:30 PM decided to take the dog for a walk. Quickly realised that my leg, in particularly my calf muscle, isn’t fixed yet.

6:30 PM. I’m not quite sure why everyone seems to be so keen to declare this week is the end of summer. 21° at this time of the day still feels fairly summeey.

So all in all a bit of a strange day culminating with the final thought for the afternoon.

If you go to play Pink Floyd on the radio what’s the point? You’re only going to talk over the best bit which is the guitar solo.

I have a distinct feeling that things are going to be calmer and a lot more settled in my world

PS does anybody think dictated but not read is a good name for a website?

Dictated but not read. It’s been a funny old day

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