What has happened to the second hand car market?

What has happened to the second hand car market?

Yeah the morning was the final straw for me. She failed to start once again I’m yes of course I know it’s a mixture of the alternator and the battery failing in perfect harmony with each other. That’s just one of the many things wrong with my new motor.

I shan’t talk about how shockingly bad the mpg is all the fact it makes the most ridiculous chapping noise below 3000 Rand, which all Peugeot cars do.

So for r once in my life I actually have a few savings and the ability to properly get a loan or finance. You would think there would be plenty of choices out there when you’ve got between 2000 and £3000 to spend but you’d be wrong.

I always had a sneaky suspicion that the governments part exchange program from a few years ago decimate the second hand car market and now it’s actually come to fruition.

Ideally I would like a golf or some other German engineered car because time has told me that their reliability it unrivalled to the point of almost being Japanese like.

Within 100 mile radius of me the only golf that I found was £3000 and has 165,000 miles on the clock. “Aha” why don’t I go for the cheaper version of the golf, namely the Skoda or the seat But even those models, once considered inferior, are holding their value incredibly well.

I’ve also taken a look at BMW or Mercedes but once again there is another trade-off to be had. Yes I can get something for about £2500 but then I’m sacrificing fuel economy. Seeing as my diesel bill for the last week was £80 I have to get something that borders on slightly economical LOL

Even if I push my budget up to £5000 the pickings are still slim and remember this is within 100 mile radius no end of car dealerships around me.

So if anyone in the UK is reading this I knows of a half tidy motor let me know.

PS I do read and reply to all comments when I get home LOL

What has happened to the second hand car market?

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