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So today and for 4:20 in the morning The journey to Oktoberfest begins. Who needs more than 3 1/2 hours sleep before embarking on the journey across the UK and Europe LOL

As normal packing my suitcase was a complete disaster. I started packing up around about 8 PM and eventually finished at midnight giving me just under three hours of sleep before I had to embark on the 220 mile journey to the airport.

6:10 am in the morning and I still have the best part of 100 miles to go. I’m due to arrive at the car park at around about 7:55 AM right now I’m just so bloody tired . Since waking up on the Wednesday morning at 6:30 AM I’ve managed to whack up a grand total of perhaps four hours sleep. I know it sounds like I’m wishing my life away but I can guarantee I will be having an early night tonight

8:38 AM.

I’ve just made it to the bus station finally. Someone were really blank spots in my memory about the journey here i.e. I don’t actually remember how I got here LOL

You see this is why don’t like doing transfers, you have to wait 15 minutes for the transfer and then it’s another 15 minutes until you actually get to the airport. Although I’m probably better off not driving right now as the last few miles were a scary experience. Being tired and approaching a five lane roundabout is not the best thing when you’ve been used to driving around in hillbilly land.

8.45 and on the wAy to the airport

9.53. Anyone who isn’t convinced that apples passbook is great is an idiot :). Then again I just paid a tenner for breakfast and a Guinness.

20 minutes till boarding time and there’s still no excitement about going. Ill break the thing down into moment culminating in meeting nina. I’m ok meeting her and her happy whoop de doo life but I could of done without it after being away for 18 hours lol

If you’re going to use Birmingham airport the food and drink outside departures is way cheaper btw

1510. A pic for Snelly

The hotel isn’t had to be honest. The area does look like its straight out of grand theft auto tho. Bed is ridiculously comfortable. Quite why I’m watching German tv I’ve no idea but there’s free wifi so that’s a bonus.

And just to add to tonight. Will she or won’t she turn up??

Time for a nap.

Friday 4.45pm. 4th October.

Last night was interesting but managed to get back to the hotel all ok. Just at the festival now waiting for our table

Well I say our. Sue, my guide, isn’t coming With us so it’s me and a table full of strangers. Two of which have “massive boobs” which is all in interested in apparently.

Munich really is home to the super babe it’s like some weird race of Adonis type people waiting to take over. Germans are the equivalent of cylons from the new Battlestar Gallatica.

These were two of the most average women I could find. And they were sat across from me on my table. Not one of them said hello or even tried to make conversation with me despite my best efforts

There Is nothing like having a full on panic attack to make you feel alive. So having two of them really did make me feel alive LOL.

So what happens is you buy a ticket for €60. For that you get to drinks, a voucher to go toward some food, and a 10 euro voucher to spend how you wish.

Saw signs good and well but remember I’m on the table here for live people speaking German and not exactly showing me the familiar hospitality I’ve become accustomed to after last year. So this is a picture of the food served in the October fest tent. Somehow I had to choose something from here. I went with the chicken because the only word that I recognise

And this is what you end up with. It doesn’t look like much, it was quite expensive but bloody hell did it taste good

A few very quick notes. Even though you have a full signal, it doesn’t mean you can do anything with your phone.

And it’s a universal constant but if you’re blonde, parts ways and park German, you’ll be beautiful but complete arrogant arsehole.

oktoberfest 2012 panoramic shot

5th October 1445.

Well, yesterday was nothing short of unmitigated disaster.

I suppose if I was to start from the start it all happened the moment we got into the festival tent.

Stephanie, sue’s friend, go scaring off in the direction of the table not even bothering to check if I’m with her or if I know where I am going. Bearing in mind that all the instructions are in German so I had no chance of knowing what table I was supposed to be going to. Sue didn’t want to go onto the table I was outside for the majority of the night.

Today I am on the table of 12 and I only know two people. Those two people are sad at the far end of the table so I’m no surrounded by people who won’t speak or don’t speak any English. Which is odd considering they know how to sing Robbie Williams in English.

I was the only person there in just a casual T-shirt so I scurried off to the toilets to get changed into the shirt which I bought earlier. I’m glad I did because I was in the middle of having a full on panic attack as you’ll see by the pictures.

It was about 10 to 15 minutes later but I managed to calm down enough to go back out to the table. That process itself was fraught with disaster as everybody seemed to want to push me into the back of someone a lot taller than me and well there were a few near misses shall we say.

Eventually arriving back at the table I ordered my drink which took another 15 minutes to arrive. That’s part of the course yet everyone around me was already through their first mass.

There was one guy with his girlfriend and they had the weirdest way of kissing in the world. The lips would just about touch and yet they would be licking each others tongues. It was very weird, almost as weird as the same guy constantly taking pictures of Stephanie

It’s probably worth pointing out to this point that Stephanie is a Swiss German i.e. she’s blonde, beautiful and she knows it. Unsurprisingly we didn’t talk for the entire night

Eventually food arrives and thank God because it gave me something to do other than looking like a spare prick at a wedding.

I can’t remember what time of night it was Soo said she would like to come in and can someone go out and fetch her. Being the dutiful friend I obliged walking out the front door going past the guy who let me in earlier. It’s a good few moments to find Sue and then we tried to get back in however Sue got in but I was denied entry. Denied by the very guard who had let me in, aims and I went to to get back in thinking ha ha he might recognise me.

15 minutes later I got back in although I wish I’d gone home at this point because the rest of the night didn’t fare much better.

Back at the table and I’m talking to someone finally. Had forgotten how touchy-feely the Europeans are and it was a lovely sort of awkwardness where you never know if you’re supposed to be reciprocating the touch or just stand there in a truly British way.

As with all women I meet she seemed told me all of her issues. She has been divorced for six months and one other parents has pancreatic cancer. Not by minded, it was nice to talk to someone and be able to offer a sympathetic ear. She’s also said that if we went anywhere but Kennedys she would come with us. Guess where we ended up going, that’s right Kennedys.

Thing is finished and we are standing on the tables as you do in the Oktoberfest, I have my final mass which made four I believe and we left to go to Kennedys.

This was a painful journey if only because I needed the bathroom so badly I had to run into the bar when we got there. And this is where the night really started to take a turn for the worst.

There was a guiding playing the guitar he won’t recognise from last year. I knew who he was because of his guitar style and he never really let’s go. I even went so far as to tell him this last year. See was adamant that it wasn’t the guy who I thought it was and for the first time over the weekend I stood up for myself and said yes it bloody well its. That didn’t go down well with her. She’s been biting and nibbling at everything I say since I arrived on Thursday

Even her friends have been wondering what her problem is with me and she seems to be really bitchy towards me.

Anyways we leave to go to get another Irish bar around the corner. We end up in exactly the same spot as we did last year just as the band is finishing up for the night.

Next door to that pub was nicht radium bar which we ventured into. And yes you can imagine a bar full of junk Australian is in the Oktoberfest period is just about as bad as it sounds. Q and arm wrestling competition which I lost and then somebody started on someone and I took that is my cue to leave.

Walking from the second Irish pub to the first Irish pub see you is still needling me. She seems to be answering questions without letting me fully asked them and then gives me the wrong answer so I just said you never bloody shut up and let me finish do you.

I think she then accuses me of being an arrogant arsehole, which by the way I have made 100% sure that I haven’t been, and then walks off leaving me in the middle of Munich.

So here I am at 2 AM in the morning and the only thing I can be happy about is that my iPhone isn’t dead. Granted I have to carry around a spare battery pack for it but if it wasn’t for that I would have been screwed.

Thankfully I managed to find my way to the nearest tube station and as I walked down the stairs I see the final train of the night disappear into the distance. I think this must’ve been around about 2 AM maybe?

Thankfully with a combination of Apple maps and Google maps I start walking in the general direction of the hotel. Lucky break came when I floodplain a taxi and I think I got the only English speaking taxidriver in Munich at that time of night.

Managed to get back to the hotel and in one piece, grab a McDonald’s which I then spilled stay my new shirt and hit the sack.

At 2:30 PM the next day, the day that I’m writing this, I decided to get out of bed and I’m just going to go for a wander

What I really like to do is just go home

The Octoberfest 2013 blog

T minus 39 and a half hours till Oktoberfest

Finally got my accommodation booked for the Oktoberfest yesterday.

So far this damn trip has cost me 700 notes for 4 days only because I’ve not known what other people are doing.

It’s going to shape up something like this.

Goto work. Finish at 5. Home. Pack. Eat. Sleep.

4am. Get in the car and start the trip to Birmingham. Should get there for about 8 all being well. God knows what traffic I can expect. Apple maps and waze best not fail me. 1045 am take off.

Land in Germany 2 hours later, well technically three with the time zone distance and get the train into Munich. That’s another hour and a bit.

Then starts the petrifying bit of finding the hotel.

I want glacier I’m going to take some precautions whilst blogging. Mainly not using the shitty WordPress app that lost all my entries last year.

Sometimes it seems like the universe just like to play little games with me. It was one year ago this Monday that I spent the night with me and then headed back home. Oh how I laugh as one year to the day, suee’s friend Scott, is inviting a few people round for lunch. The first person to reply to the group what app message was of course Nina.

I suppose it’s for the best to get the awkwardness of meeting nina and her boyfriend Chris overindulge with on the first day.

To anybody who is wondering when Nina asked me when on my coming over to stay and I sent her my dates I’ve heard nothing back.

Thoughts anyone. I plays good money that the only reason she asked that is to know when not to be around.

Ps and AP. What’s your thoughts 🙂

T minus 39 and a half hours till Oktoberfest