T minus 39 and a half hours till Oktoberfest

Finally got my accommodation booked for the Oktoberfest yesterday.

So far this damn trip has cost me 700 notes for 4 days only because I’ve not known what other people are doing.

It’s going to shape up something like this.

Goto work. Finish at 5. Home. Pack. Eat. Sleep.

4am. Get in the car and start the trip to Birmingham. Should get there for about 8 all being well. God knows what traffic I can expect. Apple maps and waze best not fail me. 1045 am take off.

Land in Germany 2 hours later, well technically three with the time zone distance and get the train into Munich. That’s another hour and a bit.

Then starts the petrifying bit of finding the hotel.

I want glacier I’m going to take some precautions whilst blogging. Mainly not using the shitty WordPress app that lost all my entries last year.

Sometimes it seems like the universe just like to play little games with me. It was one year ago this Monday that I spent the night with me and then headed back home. Oh how I laugh as one year to the day, suee’s friend Scott, is inviting a few people round for lunch. The first person to reply to the group what app message was of course Nina.

I suppose it’s for the best to get the awkwardness of meeting nina and her boyfriend Chris overindulge with on the first day.

To anybody who is wondering when Nina asked me when on my coming over to stay and I sent her my dates I’ve heard nothing back.

Thoughts anyone. I plays good money that the only reason she asked that is to know when not to be around.

Ps and AP. What’s your thoughts 🙂

T minus 39 and a half hours till Oktoberfest

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