Life, health and work

Last week I had my blood taken at the doctors and this week I had my blood taken at the hospital. Whilst week I got told that my bloods were fine this week they didn’t say anything. Instead I have to go back to the hospital in two weeks time just to make sure that the 99.99% happy there is nothing wrong with me.

To be honest I don’t think there is anything drastically wrong with me but I do have some sort of viral major infection that just won’t go away.

At least my specialist in the hospital didn’t come across as being too worried but more wanting to be careful and just wanting to cover all bases.

I’m starting to get slightly concerned about the lack of offering me any antibiotics to help me get better. I know that doctors and general practitioners have been advised in” to cut down on the number of antibiotics they give out so that their effect doesn’t get lessoned yes I’ve been to the doctors three times and to the hospital and they still pretty adamant that they don’t want to give me any.

I wonder if this has anything to do with your mentor zombie movies and TV shows that have been gracing our television sets recently. Walking dead, homeland, revolution to name but if you also have a sort of apocalyptic view of the future.

Which reminds me of when my great unanswered questions. If there was a zombie apocalypse when would I head to?

Granted this properly a multitude of things that are better worth much spending my thoughts cycles on But it still bugs me LOL.

Moving on to work based topics, it’s actually amazed me ages company has managed to survive giving the things I’ve seen over the last few months. Well, not just the last few months but the last few weeks.

Is the company has been bought out as being a rise in the number of books purchased. That in itself isn’t a bad thing the fact that there seems to be a stranger amount of “dummies guides”.

This in turn improves the theory that wide tracks like especially in management. If you have a management style or type of personality you’re automatically be attracted to people who think and at the same as you.

This in turn I believe leave is to the stale type of thinking and lack of ideas which the company I work for is now experiencing and is being caught out with.

Reminders and asking the very basic questions which nobody seems to have an answer for and yet everyone is carrying around wondering why they don’t know the basics.

Quite literally our marketing Department is a team of people who read ideas of the Internet and try their best implement them. And when I say try it literally is that. For example we want a Google ad words campaign and at present we spent approximately £36 to get a single sale using keywords

So why do I care about this? Well normally I don’t and I don’t care about marketing. I have my job to do I’m not hard enough without worrying about anyone else. The problem is that our new owners are starting to ask some very probing questions.

A recent chain of emails when something like this. What’s your marketing budget, how is it spent, who is working in marketing, what are their competencies and then finally “Please write down in detail what each member of your staff does with out using their job description”. This got sent out to all managers of sales, marketing and most worryingly the IT department.

I’m sure that anybody who knows me would be entirely surprised that I don’t get on that well with my boss. But for once number this is my doing.

You can guarantee that at least once a month we will have a pretty major system outage. It’s the sort of problem that stops money being taken on site dead in its tracks. Or about once every two months we will have “scheduled downtime” in the middle of the working day. Whenever this happens you can guarantee there is always a problem and it takes longer than expected to resolve.

Apparently I’m being disruptive and noncooperative by asking my manager to get back to me with updates on a major problem I can effectively manage to help – desk and let the staff affected on sites know what’s going on.

This is the same manager he said nothing to me after I one employee of the month. It’s also the same person who gave me KPi’s that basically said stop being so friendly, stop being so chatty and deliver bad news I’m saying no to people more often

So you can see why I am slightly concerned about this chain of events and how it’s going to happen. I honestly believe they’re going to start bringing in the own people who can effectively manage and run the company. Things like takeovers and outsourcing always start slowly out first with the probing and investigation stage.

There’s also been murmurings that we finally going to have some sort of staff review. I can see this happening after he’s finally delivered the new big website that is already running two months behind schedule. You seem see people true colours when they start thinking their job is under threat.

Dictated but not read.

Life, health and work

One thought on “Life, health and work

  1. Phil says:

    Lots to think about, in true Marxworld style. I like the random Oktoberfest birds at the end, are they looking at a picture of your junk that you just Bluetoothed to them?

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