Friday morning ramblings

As much as I enjoy lying sometimes it’s just nice to get up that little bit earlier and just go for a walk in the morning just like what’s happening now as I dictated this blog post.

I can’t explain it but for some reason it always takes me back to when are used to do my paper round and believe me that is going back quite a few years. The something about the quietness and the stillness of it all. before we start the 12 hour daily grind.

In other news:

The big X me to try and retain last night. Simply putting “you okay stranger, X”. Interestingly enough I know she has an iPhone yet have messages came through as a text. What’s the betting she is out of data and is going to ask me what she can do?

Reminds me I must post about the banana incident LOL

Remember the mad Polish woman at work? Out of the blue she started to text me again asking if I could give a lift in London. Why little London? So she can pick up a brand-new car!

“Hi m, how are you? I need to go to London to collect a car. Are you may be heading this direction? Or may be do you know anybody going? Or some one i can land sat nav from?oh its so hard to get out of here!”

I’m going to reply later on with the train timetable

And now you’ll have to excuse me as I have a dog to catch

Friday morning ramblings

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