So how was your black friday

Christ I’m almost starting to hate writing posts like these. I always said that whenever I can I’d like to post the more positive aspects of marxworld but this weekend has been a killer.

Where to start…

Friday Morning.
Thoughts of dad as it’s near xmas never a good start in a way but still keeping positive.

Searching for Sellotape I find a load of old cards. Reading through them I discover one for the Big ex. As in actually written to her. This puts me in a stupidly emotional mood.

Yet more car problems as my car tries to literally kill me. For whatever reason it goes from turning slightly to an almost, wheels tucking under, massive oversteer situation.

Dinner Time. Thankfully nothing happens and it’s cracking on to 5pm.

4.55. Problem at work just before home time. Turns out to be nothing but end up getting piss wet through for the third time in a day.

7pm ish. Home. Only to find a letter asking me to go for a CT scan on Xmas eve of all times. It’s nothing bar just making sure the gland thats causing me grief in my face isn’t anything worth worrying about.

9pm ish. Right off to the local. Black friday bound to be a good laugh. Turns out theres 3 people in there.

10pm ish. The magic darts are lost. Just recently I’ve been on stellar form thanks to some perfect arrows. Now they are no where to be seen. Not that it matters as there’s no one to throw with.

Midnight. Home. To receive yet more bad news that a girl I’d sent a message to on POF was a work colleague. I say that like I somehow know her. I know of her but not her. Cue being ridiculed even tho it wasn’t said and I have AP to be thankful for that. Even in her pissed state she was still kind enough to soften the blow about what was actually said about me.

So doing a slut drop, getting phone numbers and then chatting up a miniging taxi driver puts me at the bottom of a list that she would speak to.

Snelly would get this. Ahem. Looking for a nice man, where have all the genuine ones gone, been hurt before etc etc. Insert cliche thing here and you get your standard dating profile on POF. This described AH.

All I know is that :”she’s had loads of messages” and “she said you were too full on”.

I had one talk with her in work when i was fixing her machine. My darn message to her was, what I classed it ass, just taking an interest so we had something to talk about.

God bless you AP for sparing my feelings tho…

So how was your black friday

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