The Christmas eve post

The Christmas eve post.

“It’s been a funny old day”. After doing a mammoth 40 hour shift at work it’s fair to say that I was pretty much wasted upon coming out of my slumber.

I slumbered that was interrupted bimetallic shed being blown over in the storm and then having to go to put it out of its misery with a massive great big tree trunk.

As you might imagine I didn’t wake up with the best of demeanours this morning. Being tired quite often leaves me in an emotional state and even more so at this time of year. I’m so Uniforce verse thought to take the proverbial knife and do a bit of twisting this morning. As I was looking for some Sellotape i’m hunting range for that and you stack of Christmas cards I always find on Boxing Day, I came across some old Christmas cards from years gone past.

Judging by the amount of dust on them these cards had not been moved for some time, stored in drawer of doom. It’s the complete opposite of that “somewhere safe” that you put things that you know you are eventually going to need only in this instance you are just hoarding crap.

It wasn’t bad enough to find one of the last Christmas cards that dad sent to me before he passed away imagine how I felt when I discovered a Christmas cards made out especially to the big X.

I’m not ashamed to Annette that my eyes did instantaneously well up up reading one of the last few messages from my dad especially who it was directed out.

With a heavy heart I slapped on my christmas jumper I made my way to work by McDonald’s. At least one good thing about Christmas is that the traffic is basically non-existent. Although the lack of traffic didn’t make up for the excruciatingly long wait just have my order taken and then when it arrived, being served to the car as obviously nobody wants to eat on Christmas Eve morning, they bought me the wrong order. I guess that should’ve been the sign to wait number 3 to happen.

And low a few hours later it did. Yup, you guessed it the big X made contact again. This is two days worth of contact knife and quite why she’s doing it around Christmas I have no idea.

I will actually posting tired two day transcript even if some parts are a little bit cringeworthy because I’m open to criticism. I don’t often see where I’m going wrong or what I’m saying is wrong maybe perhaps could be dying I am just a little bit retarded.

Any way yet again she accuses me of attacking her when I’m just asking simple questions. I really don’t need her in my life. Perhaps I may have contemplated one last thought if the opportunity came along at the end of the day with three kids I don’t a baseball bat is going to touch the sides. Philip, remind me to post pictures here. (This will be your Christmas present)

By midday it really has just become the case of finding my way through the day. The hours tipped over until the time I needed to go to hospital for a CT scan. But no, wait, Wife was not done with me yet. As I’m about to leave the barmaid from my local asked if I can print some pictures out for her.

“Of course I don’t mind it will be my Christmas present to you”
“It’s only about six pictures is okay?”
“That’s not a problem” and this is where I made the fatal mistake.
“What size do you want them?”
Of course it was never going to be standard photographic size, I will know is dad it was carking cottony of different sizes in inches which I then had to convert it to centimetres.

“Bollocks” I thought I’m just find out the window is printing options for photos I left work a little bit early to drop the pictures off before my CT scan.

Thankfully the CT scan was an uneventful part of my day is somewhat Move writing. Not only is it bad enough to have an injection then to have fluid pumped into your body for the scanter work but then also to get the sensations like you would just about to piss yourself due to the said fluid.

I total time in the hospital must’ve been about 30 minutes which I’m going to take as my Christmas miracle LOL.

The rest of the day was spent back at work trying to resize these pictures in the easiest way possible. This involved using a pain programming bit of software, resizing, cropping, doing this for five sizes, and then placing it into Microsoft Word. Yes, I realise that was yet again another mistake of the day to trust Microsoft word with anything.

Will it came to printing images the resolution had been lost and the images looks jagging meaning that some home tonight I have to do 30 images all over again and probably get them to her for Christmas day morning quite early on.

At least I’ve learnt to love my expectations of happiness. It may be cold and dark but at least it’s not raining and Tesco wasn’t that busy.

As I write this at 7 PM the rest of my evening will consist of a microwave spaghetti Bolognese, microwaved creamed rice pudding and then running to drop off these pictures to see if I can get away with the print quality (fucking Microsoft Word).

I have no doubt I will be updating the post later on so stay tuned

The Christmas eve post

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