The day after Boxing Day post.

Who would’ve thought it the day after Boxing Day and I quite like Christmas Eve and christmas day after all.

It’s not the gifts and neither is it the excessive amount of alcohol and food consumed over the two days. It’s something much more than that.

Okay so I might start Christmas day having to drive to work but that in itself isn’t the worst experience in the world. With barely any traffic it makes the daily commute an absolute joy.

I’ll have you ever noticed that there is kind of a piece in the day that you never get any other time of the year other than Christmas day. It’s absolutely beautiful to hear and feel the tranquil nature of the day. For that one solitary day most of the world has taken his foot off the pedal, sat down and just enjoyed themselves.

It also just struck me how safe Christmas Day night feels as well. Any other time in the year when I walk the dogs are waiting night there is a healthy amount of fear from walking around in the dark worrying about strangers and such. Not so much on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not all a joyous occasion. I still really, really miss seeing my dad over Christmas and having no family now to speak off , At times, make you feel very alone in this world of ours.

When I was growing up and never really had a very memorable Christmas. As long as I can remember it was all about mum and dad fighting about you got custody of me during the day. Whilst I understand that my biological mother would want to see me on Christmas day is just a shame that she wasted half of it by getting absolutely drunk the night before.

Latter years weren’t any better either. Running a pub means you get very little in the way of free time quite often Christmases for me was spent on my own but at least with people in the same building. These will be my mother and her name husband sleeping off more excess consumed alcohol.

Granted dance, God bless his soul, wasn’t exactly the best at doing Christmas stuff either but, and this is a very big important but, at least he made the effort. Four example I would actually be a way to help decorate the tree and we would either go and see people or they would come and see us throughout the days we were there. He never spoke much to me really in depth but that didn’t matter because all things being said it felt the most comfortable out of any given situation.

I’m so my Christmas has barely Lefteris I’m going to try to look forward to it more next year. I’m going to take some time off over Christmas I’m thoroughly enjoy the peace quiet of it all.

I’m in if I end up spending another Christmas on my own at least I can take some solace in the fact that there are very many happy families out there.

The day after Boxing Day post.

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