Non-identifiable information

In my role as a system administrator/helpdesk minion I get to see lots of lovely things on a day-to-day basis. Normally in the form of emails that have been blocked by the firewall for containing inappropriate content someone has decided that the best way to send a picture to their colleague next door is not to place it onto the intranet to send a 25 MB file via email.

And so it was with great joy that one of the attachments blocked this week was the result of our staff questionnaire.

At the very top set questionnaire it states
“There is no personally identifiable information on this survey”

Course being suspicious/paranoid type I’m individuals into the source code to find someone identifiers under JavaScript. I can’t safely sure it looks like it might be the IP address of the machine used. After all the has to be some way to weed our duplicate results.

Set my paranoia as side and make my way through all 20 questions answering strongly disagree to a vast proportion of them. thinking that my anonymous answers Maeshowe of the changing thinking or at least raise awareness and seven the issues it worked wings page 20 whereupon. You asked farming

Think that my anonymous answers might show different thinking only at least raise awareness of sin issues I progressed with gusto through the questions until the final page whereupon you get asked the following.

What departments do you working? How long have you worked for the company?

Is that me or does that give whoever sees the results on way to identify who has answered one question?

To give you an example where there are three of us in our departments. One of us has worked here for five years one of us has worked here for two days one of us has worked here for less than six months

That seems a way of identifying who has said what doesn’t it?

I neglected to answer both questions on the right that is my right to do so I nightwear in any part of the instructions did it warned me that I had not answered this question and it is mandatories.

Guess what, if you didn’t answer that last page your results don’t count.

And how do I know this?. While to come for circle the results of the question and break down the results by, guess what, department.

Then a confidential email sent to heads of departments the ones that answered strongly disagreed were classified as “disgruntled employees”.

Never ceases to amaze me how statistics can be massaged. Less than 50% of our workforce filled in the questionnaire. I’m yet because less people answered they scored higher than in 2012.

I want really good to me about this whole situation. Is that my comments that I made at the bottom of the questions were edited.

And I happen to know they are because being the paranoid Beeston Byung, I had the sense of mind to copy all my answers down for future reference.

I’m not sure what I should be more upset about. The way this has all happened all the response from my manager that when I play dumb he was focused more on the fact that no one can be identified rather than the fact that my answers didn’t count.

I somehow get the feeling that they are not used to being stood up to I’m asking for answers rather than being told to forget about it as and I quote “it’s not that important”

Non-identifiable information

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