The belated Snelly Xmas present

Seeing as what’s again I’ve had a horrendous time sleep, waking up cold for the third nights in a row despite having an electric blanket, I thought I would cheer myself up by giving Snelly ihis delayed Christmas gift.

To give you the back story to these photos. What advice was just sitting at home doing my thing and I get a text from asking me, my sorry, saying “naughty pics”

This message was for one of her many fuck buddies i played along. Naturally she wanted me to go first so I declined. After some back and forth on who was to go first by eventually and I said if she goes first then I will follow.

Although what she doesn’t actually realise is that I didn’t send any pictures of me. Instead I hits few websites, took some carefully aligned photos that shows just enough and sent them instead 🙂

So without further ado, Snelly , here are your pictures.

The belated Snelly Xmas present

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