The Dog;s Insides Are Out…

Wednesday has not the best of days for me. Well 2014 hasn’t been exactly something to sing about so far. Quite honestly I’m feeling broken already and that’s with taking some time off recently. So from the top as to why my day’s been horrendous..

My Peugeot is dying on me in a very rapid fashion. Black smoke billows out of the exhaust every time I dare ask for any sort of acceleration. Then this morning there was a lovely mechanical, failing sort of sound from the bottom end. Turbo sounds like it’s just about to explode any moment now

Being skint isn’t the right word. Things are that bad that even Greece looks as me with a touch of sadness for me

After one particularly drunken night I’ve ended up buying a car off eBay which I thought was an hour’s drive away. It’s 2 1/2 hours to go and collect the motor which I have to do tonight.

But the absolute worst thing to happen this week was having to take the dog to the vets because her stitches had burst after having an operation I’m seeing things that should be inside her body dangling outside of her body.

I kid you not, the poor dog had a small rucksack dangling from the area where she was spayed by about 2 inches.

The only good thing about this week is the fact it happened just after dog training so there was plenty of help on hand and a rather nice lady who came to the vets with me to look after the dog whilst I was driving

Yup, 2014 has been a already been a nightmare… I’m tired of it already.

The Dog;s Insides Are Out…

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