What A “Car”ry on…

Tidaywas the day I went to collect my “new” car. Okay so it took about 1 and a half hours to get there as I wasn’t entirely sure in “west wales” it was but how far can it be. Sure there was a slightly worrying text message where he said he lost the logbook but actually meant the MOT certificate, I was the owner of a shiny golf mark four.

It’s obvious it had been looked after and was immaculate both inside and out. There was even an added bonus of doing something quite handy called “starting” something which might beleaguered Peugeot had forgotten all about.

After early but a few minutes of driving I completely remembered why I wanted it golf for all this time. When you take away the simple stress of “will it start / get me to work” there’s something quite relaxing and reassuring about having a comfortable car that does what it’s supposed to with the added bonus of being a head turner. The cherry bomb exhaust is going asap. I think I’m too old to be attracting the teenage girl crowd.

16 of the 18 miles came and went without incident, well I say without incident I may or may not have decided to indulge in a little bit of boy racing fan. After proving that I am a man and the alpha male of the road my bladder decided that it was time for some relief and so a pitstop went underway. As with my luck this is where a car I have is bound to fail. This proved too much for my bladder so I decided to have a quick pitstop and relieve myself. This is where as always any car will fail.

I put the key into the ignition, turn and nothing are a very slight click I assume coming from the starter motor.

I checked the leads,battery terminals and called the bloke I have just purchased it off now some 80 miles away and he reassured me (LOL) that the battery was new. So it looks like it’s either an earthing issue or it’s going to be a starter motor issue. All this on a just purchased car

Of course this means I have to go car shopping once again because I am a firm believer that if you have a problem with a new vehicle on the first day you immediately get rid.

All I can hope for now is that the car will bump start, get me to work around the treacherous back road because most of our roads are closed due to flooding, doesn’t run out of petrol, and the AA will come and give me a lift to a garage on the way home.

2014 has been pretty rough so far.

What A “Car”ry on…

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