The blackout edition

There is something to be said for home nice power cuts can be at times. Planted it’s also frustrating especially as what just happened to me. Whilst in the middle of some work the power went out but now I’m enjoying the simpler things.

Take for example that most people would be without heat whereas I have a log fire and as a bonus it’s no longer poisoning me with carbon monoxide.

I kid you not that for the last few months it’s more than likely I might have been suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you take into account all the symptoms I’ve had recently such as headaches, feeling tired, nausea and that’s just to start with I’m surprised I didn’t think about it sooner. If it wasn’t for the eagle eyed chimney sweep spotting the carbon deposits in my chimney cowl then my fire would’ve been condemned.

It certainly explains whilst I have been feeling so bad for the last few weeks/months.

Anyways, back to the power cut. As I dictate this I’m surrounded by silence.

It’s a very rare occasion to get a power cut let alone be surrounded by When was the last time you actually turned off every electrical device you owned and just enjoyed a pure silence?

I’m also lucky because a friend had just leant me a 3G enabled iPad so I’m not even without data and without the eternal destruction called the internet I’m actually looking forward to reading a book.

And best of all I really don’t mind because my kettle had just finished boiling before the power outage.

The blackout edition

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