Saturday night drunken ramblings

It’s been a hell of a few weeks so writing a blog post for the first time in a while is a little bit difficult this time around. I guess I should start at the start of discovering that for the last few weeks I probably have been suffering carbon monoxide poisoning.

The emotive carbon monoxide poisoning I’ve had obviously hasn’t been fatal but that’s like being told you’ll get over an elephant standing on your foot. No matter what would you look at it it’s still not good.

I’m surprised I didn’t realise this sooner after well I have been having headaches, nausea, lethargy, like a concentration and a whole host of other symptoms for the last couple of months. The culprits turned out to be able to chimney cowl full of carbon deposits. Combining a lack of ventilation along with a D in and Willi ventilated chimney cowl along with the wings we’ve had the last few weeks I guess I could say I’m pretty lucky to still be here.

Work is still pretty much a big steaming pilot of crap, so much so that I’m planning my own Wikileaks documents should be ever decide to get rid of me. It’s true, never bite the hand that feed you but it does stop feeding me then it’s all fair in love and war.

I am glad to report however there are some positives happening.

I decided that I’m going to go on a skiing holiday to Bulgaria. The holiday is cheap, the beer and food is cheap I’m from what I read online its not that bad of a place.

Quite why you have to drive five hours to fly from Gatwick and no at the airport is beyond me.

Oh wait, no it’s not because we all know at the conspiracy theory about getting a new runway at Heathrow airport. Even the political powerhouse known as radio for Sunday up nicely that with all the regional airports being priced out of the competitive market to make the other airports such as Gatwick and Heathrow busier than the government would be left with no alternative other than to walk them that the permit for an extra runway.

I honestly believe strongly than ever that the government relies on our lack of memory recall. Every now and then a precious nugget of truthfulness will come out in the media, Obviously except anything Rupert Murdoch-based, but unfortunately in a society of 32nd or 62nd news bulletins are recall of the stories is shockingly poor.

I wonder if the government actually leaks these actual news stories as a form of testing us?

That’s actually not as far-fetched as it signs giving the amount of regular Tory bodies that are in place these days.

There is a reason that politicians only give people a set amount of time because they know if you pushed them hard enough you may actually stand a chance of getting our direct answer.

Hang on a second. All of these regional based airports started to have problems at the start of the recession. Now would it be convenient if all of a sudden the city’s capitals started to make more money from tourism by freezing out the other airports?

You can blame that my rambling on the fact that if I do go to Bulgaria I’m faced with a five hour drive. It’s not the drive there which annoys me but knowing that when I land I have to drive for another five hours to get home.

The previous governments have treated airports like the railway systems, privatise them no matter what the costs.

On a more happier note my second resolution is to apply for a random job that I would actually like once a fortnight. The requirements for this are that it has to be a job I would actually want to do in out of the country or in the world where I would actually be happy to live.

I’m also going to change my personal statement from the generic “I’m a hard-working and effective team player who can also make decisions when called upon bullshit”.

Fuck it, I’m even going to put down my religion as a Jedi.

And it’s great to be able to do this because I’m not desperate or reliant all on getting another job, well, for now.

Let’s see how long my resolve stays for

Saturday night drunken ramblings

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