And she’s back

To be honest with everyone I thought I had finally gotten rid of the major ex-girlfriend after our last iMessage exchange. She went around the houses of saying it that her marriage isn’t exactly all she wants. The one major thing she does regret is the agreement with her husband for him to sleep with anybody as long as she knows.

She on the other hand doesn’t want to sleep around (I think) and so I saw an opportunity to get rid of her. I basically said if there’s no chance of fucking you again then does not really much point in texting you. After a couple more very brief exchanges she suddenly stopped talking to me. She always does this however I’m blaming needing to go to sleep or something else like that.

This was just around about the start of January and also I was slightly taken aback to get a message from asking how am I doing.

It turns out that she’s had no mobile connection for the last month which is very odd given the number of places that have Wi-Fi.

A couple of message exchanges later and the real reason came to light why she started text thing again. She’s bored.

It’s something along the lines of “I am just a mum. I’m a taxi service a cook and a cleaner.”

In other words she’s bored but she’s not forget for in reminding me that she is married.

Unless she starts offering up some decent pictures of herself I can’t think of any reason to talk to her. If she’s going to be using me for her amusement then I’m going to do the same back.

The universe is a mystifying place, how coincidental is it that she gets in touch with me after blown out by two women on a dating site.

And she’s back

One thought on “And she’s back

  1. Phil says:

    “Unless she starts offering up some decent pictures of herself I can’t think of any reason to talk to her.”

    Exactly. Tits or GTFO.

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