Who remembers Nina?

It’s been a little under five months since my last adventure to Oktoberfest. If you remember my time there was ever miserable experience and really didn’t get any better despite seeing Nina for a year. Granted it was amazing to see Nina again and there was a thing on my side for her but seeing as she’s classed as “the type to kiss anyone” I backed right off….

Last year’s adventure was also sullied by “friend” so he decided to have a major chip on the shoulder about me and dump me several times in the middle of Munich leaving me to my own devices.

So you can imagine my surprise this week when I had a message from them. Sue once again needs her laptop fixing despite protestations that if I told how to do it she could do it. Yes because fixing a laptop is really easy to explain over what’s app. Then she tells me that she is coming over here at the end of March for a wedding.

It wouldn’t be the first time that she’s coming back to this part of our small world I’m not met up with me when she’s back.

Of course she wants help trying to find cheap flights which I just told her to search for them on Google. Yes, that is helpful as I was going to be. Then this morning at 7 AM she asked if I’m awake to have a look at her laptop. 7 AM. Saturday. I haven’t quite worked out the politically correct say to say do you know how ridiculous it is to ask me for a favour at 7 AM on my day off.

Apart from today we’ve had a couple of messages exchanged every few days.

Can you imagine my surprise when it comes up on what’s up and tells me that she is coming to Wales with Sue. Siri knows I have a really big thing for Nina and get snapping with me when ever I ask about her.

So yes at the end of March and Nina will be coming to Wales. However that’s not the end of the story. After Wales she is going to Dublin, on her own. Trying to spark some sort of conversation I tell her that I’m incredibly jealous, even though I have been there a couple of times before but I neglected to mention that.

Guess who’s been asked to go to Dublin with her …

Who remembers Nina?

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