The girl I shall affectionately call “eyebrows” :D

eyebrowsAnyone have been in a situation where you meet someone for the first time and for some reason they leave you with a “funny feeling”? I’ve had this just the other day and I really can’t place or accurately describe the vibe she gives off.

Now as we all know whenever I go out on a night out I can always spot the psychopath in the crowd. This gift is both a blessing and a curse at the same time as normally said psychopath is incredibly attractive but is also a complete mental case. This doesn’t always have to involve alcohol either. It just turns out I can spot the psycho in the room.

Anyway, back to eyebrows. One of the perks of my job is that before anyone jumps onto a computer they have to suffer the IT induction. This is normally a humorous affair with me trying to be jolly and funny, making out what a great place this hole is to work. Alas this lasts for a few moments before I feel obliged to bring things back to normality. If she’s really nice this makes things even worse with my attempt to flirt, failing and realising that I’ve spent the previous few hours scrabbling around on dusty floors. It might happen on porn videos but looking like a trampy dustman doesn’t lend itself to looking tat attractive. Couple that with me normally looking a sweaty fat mess. The result is always the same. I end up walking away going “can’t I just be normal for a few minutes”

Now thats a digression 😀 Eyebrows walks in to the room and she quite nice but was she walks past me I couldn’t help but notice her amazing ass and then thats when I picked up the vibe about here. No it’s not being turned on. Christ why do i have to put so many disclaimers on posts these days. She’s quite standoffish which seemed a challenge to break that wall down. Which did happen a little I’m glad to say. Considering she actually talked to me and bantered back to me the other day, that’s a result.

Yet I’m still left with this funny feeling…

The only one I can really explain it is imagine walking around all day with the sort of face you pull when you’re pondering a really complicated question or thinking really hard about something. That’s been me for the last two days and I really can’t understand why.

No, it’s not anything even remotely “like oh my god I’m in love with her.”
If I was to give her a rating she’d be a potential 8 1/2 but thanks to her rather fake and obviously drawn on eyebrows she’s drop down to a 6 3/4. Actually make that seven because she does have a rather nice bottom. No sod it deco a 6.5 if only because she does put on way too much makeup. But that doesn’t stop her being incredibly interesting. I await all the complaints about rating people but hey, we live in a superficial world. My rants about dating site bolloks are known.

I was going to post a picture up herebut she looks really young despite being told that she’s 25 or more.

Before going to press a chap called “Rob” is already on her Facebook. Now I quite like rob, he comes across as quite sound BUT he’s one of those type with a natural gift for pulling women. The amount of lasses that have fallen to their feet (read knees) is something to behold. Glad I’m not interested.

Marxworld is aware that she’s more than likely hooked up and, from what rumours I’ve heard, has a kid. Marxworld will seek out verification of these facts..

The girl I shall affectionately call “eyebrows” :D

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