And another year bites the dust.

Today, somehow, I managed to reach my 37th birthday. The 37th birthday is one of those weird ones as you’re still quite a distance away from reaching 40 but you are waving goodbye to the “midthirties”. The relentless march towards turning 40 continues ever onwards.

It’s always interesting to find out that as the years roll by who will actually take time out of their day to wish you a happy birthday. I just can’t help but feel that we have too much reliance on Facebook to remind us all when our friends birthdays are or is that just progression or revolution?

This gets me thinking about Facebook. Facebook as it stands really doesn’t have much more scope to grow and continue doing what it does at the moment so hence buying the oculus rift could actually be a good idea. Or is Mark ZuckerBerg just using the Facebook monies to throw shooter at the wall and see what sticks.

And this is why for once I feel like I’m the head of the curve. I don’t use Facebook in any way shape or form to keep up with people. Granted I might dip in and out to see what’s going on but then it all comes back to me why I don’t use Facebook. Normally it’s the same regurgitated crap with never ending self the pictures being taken with women trying to pounds but all it does instead of making them look sexy is make them look like they’re trying to have a Poo.

Back to my birthday.
Quite honestly I’ve not had a bad day. I kept myself to myself and there was only one person I wished could have said happy birthday to me. My dad.

It’s worth noting that command the rest of the surviving family haven’t really spoken to me since dad died. Every Christmas I make sure I send them a Christmas card and I’ve never yet to receive one back or even a text message from my little sister to say happy birthday.

And another year bites the dust.

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