Being ruthless

One thing that always stuck with me from when I was seeing my psychotherapist was something she said. It’s a code something that my dad also tried to be into me when I was going up and he was still arraigned God bless his soul.

Expect nothing from nobody and you won’t be disappointed.

This led to quite a heated discussion between me and my psychiatrist as I’ve always believed in the merits of manners. A simple please and thank you, I still believe to this day, would get you far

These days you can’t even be polite to people without it being taken out of context. Holding open the door for a woman, for example, is pretty much tantamount to write these days it seems.
People call me cynical but am I nearly any more cynical than the person who believes that someone can do something nice just for the sake of doing a good deed?

How has societies developed into such a cutthroat, fuck you sorts of world? We constantly points score, clamour over the bodies of our colleagues just to make sure that people know we exist.

Influence over the last few weeks that people are now going that extra step. Instead of just trying to point score they actively try to help you fail. This is new to me as when I first started out in my career I worked with the team. A team who cared about each other and all work together for the same objective to achieve our goals.

In the half decade since I’ve worked with my colleagues of yesteryear man alive, how things have changed.

The only problem is I don’t think I can change to be as ruthless as everyone else seems to be.
Jobhunting is going to be a hell of a lot harder than the last time I had to do it

Being ruthless