Counting my chickens way too early

They say pride comes before a fall in my case confidence comes before a fall as of just been told I won’t be getting a second interview for the job in Gloucester.

I have to admit I am completely shocked and crestfallen that I wasn’t going to get a second interview. As I said in yesterday’s post my interview lasted just over two and a bit hours and I really thought we were on the same wavelength. Turns out it was a close run thing but then again everybody says that and they felt that I haven’t been to my old employer just a little bit too much.

I can’t see where they are coming from but in my point I was just reinforcing the team player and company focused they have of ensuring that everybody gets along just fine.

Also admits that now I wish I had gone into the second interview, the one locally, with a little bit more enthusiasm.

But I was always there is a twist in the tale with the second job. I’ve just found out from a friend that one of the chaps who interviewed me is the brother of a guy who worked in my old company who doesn’t like me. Nothing is ever simple.

I’ve been thinking about both of the jobs and I came to this conclusion. The first job I would’ve liked just to have seen if what he was saying was true. The investment in people, training and being part of a team. Sure the money would’ve been absolutely amazing but I would be giving up a lot for that money.

The second job I feel suits me more down to the ground however. Second-line support but also getting involved hands-on physically in other areas of the company. I’ve never mind it helping out delivering stock, unpacking lorries, getting up into high places to fix Wi-Fi signals etc etc and I think this is where I am more suited to being if I’m honest with myself.

Perhaps it’s just me being lazy, having a lack of drive to really push myself or maybe it’s realising the sort of job and level I would be happy out. Either way at least I only have the stress now of hoping to get the second interview i’m not having to choose between two jobs.

The plus side of this second job is definitely the hours and location. Working 8 AM till 4 PM Monday to Thursday but on a Friday finishing at three 8 PM sounds bloody amazing although I’m pretty sure I won’t be saying that when I have to leave my house at 7:15 AM every morning LOL.

I can imagine there being less stressed as well as I’m not going to be monitored against KP eyes or driven to achieve bonuses and all of that stuff I really can’t stand but then again is that just me showing a lack of ambition and being lazy?

It is starting to make me wonder if I really have given up and keep settling for things lower and lower. The wages of the best, the location isn’t the best, but it’s all about trying to find the positives and my Willy is the more we try and find the positives the harder we settle and justify our choices.

But that being said it’s not like I have any choices to make at the moment.

Just a shame that I’m going to have to hope that my interview wasn’t too lacklustre and the brother of the guy who interviewed me doesn’t find out I went for that job.

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Counting my chickens way too early


Well, the last two days of interviews have been interesting and couldn’t be more poles apart if they tried.

After the hundred and 80 mile marathon drive to Gloucester you end up in a business Park, surrounded by large players like Lloyds bank, EDF Energy and Sainsbury’s.

Gloucester-based support company obviously has an incredibly wealthy investor judging by the facilities, Mammoth amount of Microsoft, Cisco, Hewlett placard Gold Partner accreditations non-of which come cheap.

My interviewer was somebody who used to work for the Lotus F1 team and as you can imagine, people like that don’t come cheap, and my interview lasted just a little over two hours. I’ve had an interview like this before. This one was purely about getting to know the person and seeing if they would be fit for the company, rather than the traditional human resources and then a load of technical questions style interview.

I think this is the first ever company I’ve been to where they seem to actively want to make an investment in people. If I was to get the job within two weeks I would be away on my first training course and after that several more. With every training course completed I would get a bonus. He was quite open and honest with me that there is no reason why salary base rate could increase by an extra £5000 by the end of the year.

Much of the conversation was also probing about how well I get on with people (I lied) and placing a big chunk of the interview on T work and getting on with progression inside a company. All of this was quite alien to me because I’ve never been in a company with any sort of path of progression. Normally I’m just there to do that job and that’s it. It was almost as if he was selling the company and the company’s beliefs to me of which did a very good job but of course my cynical nature kicks in thinking this sounds all too good to be true. You know when you’ve waited to hear something for ages and when you do finally hear it you can’t quite believe it? That was me yesterday.

Sending done it was a really enjoyable interview because when you spend that amount of time around someone you do lose that front you put on during an interview and start to get to know the person behind it.

What’s on offer here?
A decent? Wage (for the area)
Training and progression.
A company that seems to value the person
To ensure access to new gadgets and software from Microsoft before release.

Interview two
In Stark contrast I walk up to the interview after a 15 minute drive The location of which is right by the sea as it’s an oil and gas storage facility.

I would be working with another chap looking after 70 desktop PCs, 50 of which are only ever in use. This is more a jack of all trade jobs because I could be fixing a PC, Wi-Fi or helping out on the forklift truck in stores. Was only 17 people ever on site date to placed a great emphasis on the ability to get along with people and the team work stuff.

This interview was all done interested under 30 minutes which isn’t as bad as it seems. 50 people applied for the position, seven shortlisted and callbacks for a second interview with an on-site so will probably happen at the start of next week.

My gut feeling is that this is going to be a very laid-back job. There were no shirts and ties instead company polo shirts, no women wearing tops with a plunging neckline and power dressing he wanted to be respected for their mind I’m and not their body despite showing an enormous amount of cleavage but the best bit of all are the hours.

8 AM till 4 PM Monday to Thursday.
8 AM till 3 PM on Friday.

The good stuff.
It’s local.
It’s not just about IT it’s doing the manual work as well.

I know it’s too early to say what’s going to happen but I do have that distinctly unsettling feeling that I can see myself ending up with both jobs and knowing that’s a bloody difficult decision lies on my horizon.

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Back to work: interview day (live blog)

It’s Tuesday, 9:08 AM and I’m on the way to Gloucester which is the distance of about 120 miles each way.

Is some basic enough to show you what I have to deal with whilst being unemployed.
There are 4.54 liters to a gallon
4.54 times by 1.28 equals £5.81
120 miles divided by 35 mpg = 5.7
Total cost of one trip £33.71
Just under half of my weekly jobseekers allowance.

Used to be the case you could claim milage allowance for many interviews outside of your local area but with all the cutbacks just recently I’m not sure if this applies any more.

Looks like I have to call the job centre that they don’t open until 10 Am.

Still got 37 miles to go before I even hit the motorway and I’ve just realised I forgot to pack my cup of tea which I made especially for this trip. It’s going to be a long day.

10:08 AM.
Bored, so very bored. In the light of my boredom here are some utterly useless statistics.
38 miles down.
35.8 mpg one hour one minute spent driving so far
Average speed 37 mph


2 hours 2 minutes
Average speed 50 mpg
103 miles covered
38.5 mpg
6 police vehicles.
2 breakdowns
0 people who know how to indicate
1 cup of tea.

11:38 AM
60 miles to go and I’ve just had an interesting chat with the IT recruitment agency. It seems they are looking for someone who is technically minded but with bags of character. The last chapter they had it for an interview was very good technically but a little bit too geeky for their liking.

This could potentially be quite a good position if I get it but I don’t honestly know if I could go back to living in the built-up could find on the city. Having a social life is much easier to deal with when you are out in the middle of nowhere. For some reason being surrounded by an endless stream of buildings just makes it all the more harder to deal with.

Looking at the job specification and the accreditations there after the wage that they are paying is quite good but I have a funny feeling the following will happen. I’m willing to bet that for this particular role they are going to say that I’m not qualified enough and offered me a lower wage. With the job closer to home I bet they’re going to say, like Phil said, I will be hopelessly overqualified. Leave me that takes some doing ending up in the middle of no mans land.

1848. Still not home.
40.1 mpg
2 hrs 50 travelling.
53 mph
151 miles down and 20 so to go.

Interview went too well.

Back to work: interview day (live blog)

Back to work. Dealing with job interviews.

Next week I have two job interviews to attend, one is local and the other is based up in Gloucester. The Gloucester one means a just under three hour drive to get there however.

The local job is just about £6000 less per year than the job away so this leads me with a dilemma. Just how much money am I willing to give up to stay where I live right now?

Moving away is a pretty terrifying prospect, not only does it mean giving up what little other social life I have also puts me right back working with those “city” types who think dress down Friday is a perk.

Despite having 10+ years of second line support the away job had to be convinced that I was actually a second line engineer. It makes me wonder who’s doing the hiring and firing when it’s pretty evident on my resume what my skills are. The recruitment agency just stop short of asking have I used windows!

Thankfully, although it does make me wonder why they would do this for me, they updated my resume for me to give my skills an extra added Punch.

20140523-191745-69465930.jpg this is my view on a Friday evening, how does yours look?

Me away job seems to be quite heavily focused on all of the qualifications that I don’t have. Which brings me nicely onto the job nearby.

Jr IT technician.
The advertising for this one is a little strange to say the least. But this particular role there after graduates who is seeking their first experience in IT support.

Back to work. Dealing with job interviews.

Called it. The new enterprise allowance is a government funded scam.

Well, the meeting with my business consultants was interesting! Before I had even told him any part of my idea he was already telling me about how to sign off on what benefits I would get after I signed off.

The business consultant is not a mentor.

I pushed my chap quite hard on what help and assistance I can expect from him from being a business consultant., basically there’s none. They can’t guide you all won’t guide you on Best business practices and they are there more to bounce ideas off of rather than helping your business.

Basically once he has signed off your business plan that’s going to be the last you hear of him.

The loan.

As I said in my previous post the line is provided by a company in London he will only issue alone to you if your business consultant has signed off on you.

The loan amounts should vary from 6% to 10% and my “consultant” trying to tell me it would be a flat rate of 10% until I pointed out I done my research and visited the company’s website.

All of a sudden my rate was discussed at 6%.

The loan is given to you over a period of three years, year one is interest only and then the next two years you pay back the full £2500.

What the floor with this system is that you don’t get all all of the loan upfront, instead it’s a staged system of increments of £500. This in itself presents a huge problem because in the first month you have all your associated setup costs. Even the very basics of registering as a sole trader along with the most basic of insurance is going to see the best part of that initial 500 gone.

Once approved your jobseeker allowance takes a nosedive.

Right now I am on £70.15 p per week. When I get approved for the loan that then reduces down to £60 per week. Oh and just because I’m approved doesn’t mean I get the money straight away, that can take an additional four weeks.

So for six weeks I get £60 per week and then the next six weeks I will get to £35 per week and then that’s it.

On average I would say you could just about live on 1000 times per month to cover all of your bills and living expenses. Let’s say you work at the rock bottom margin level of 10% (why would you) that means you’re left having to at least 10,000 pounds.

What they don’t tell you.

Will your housing benefit be affected?

If you are self employed how will it affect any housing and council tax benefits you get?

Again if we work at the rock bottom baseline of 10% profit, I would have to turn over £4000 a month just to be able to pay my rent and council tax

Called it. The new enterprise allowance is a government funded scam.

Hi with the new enterprise allowance is a clever way to reduce unemployment figures.

So today I have a meeting with the Welsh new enterprise allowance scheme. This is one of those government funded things to help people start up a small business.

Obviously starting up a small business does require a cash injection and so the new enterprise allowance will let you up to £2500 at a seemingly low interest rate. Reading up on the interest rate it seems to be anywhere from 6% to 10% but researching this closer I haven’t found anyone who didn’t get the loan at anything other than 10%.

The only advantage with the new enterprise allowance funding scheme is that for the first year you are only paying the interest of the loan amounts however there is a catch. You don’t get all the money upfront instead in increments of up to £500.

So far this all sounds very good way to get a loan if you are unemployed, wanting to start a small business and potentially don’t have the best credit rating in the world which will be affected by being unemployed.

But let me tell you about the reality of the system.

These are supposed to be business savvy people who have an understanding of what it takes to get a business up and running and to keep things going smoothly. They are supposed to give you the benefit of their worldly experience.

The reality is very, very different. It’s obvious that these people are on a commission. Once you have the lying, which is supplied by a third party company, it’s incredibly likely you will ever hear from them again.

It only took a moment of searching to hear the same story over and over again that when they have you signed up you are left on your own. Granted you have a business plan by this point there is no substitute for real world experience.

Just to come back to the loan subject for a moment you could go directly onto the loan company which the new enterprise allowance uses but there is one stumbling block in the fact you need to be referred by a mentor.

The rush to sign you off.
Once your loan is “approved” then there is a major push by the new enterprise allowance and the job centre to make sure you sign off. This is before everything has been finalised and you have received any money whatsoever.

Your business plan is not the same as jobseeking.

Whilst setting up your business plan you do you have to be careful and still continue to look for work and this is where the job centre has caught a lot of people out.

It says in your job seekers agreement form that if the job centre suspect you have not done everything you possibly can to find a job they will stop your benefit dead. Once that decision has been made there is nothing you can do about it apart from go through a lengthy appeal process with a call centre based in Scotland.

Hi with the new enterprise allowance is a clever way to reduce unemployment figures.