Back on the job hunt.

And so it starts again, the crushing, soul destroying process of looking for another job.

So three weeks ago I got “released” from my previous job I have to say it was a slight release. I hated it there with a passion. The management was corrupt, staff were pointscoring all over the place and I’m absolutely amazed that it’s lasted as long as it has.

Obviously they’re is the main stress of keeping up with bills but thankfully I have a plan for that. So if you are going to purchase anything by iTunes please come via my other website.

It’s nice to know that some things never change especially when it comes to jobhunting. Applying for my first jobs in 18 months and it’s the same old, same old. You never get any feedback, trying to speak to a real human being is a insurmountable task and the job centre still sucks.

It is both a blessing and curse that the government are claiming for your benefit allowance online and searching for jobs online. In theory this is a brilliant idea as it is complete transparency to both sides. In reality, as always, the government’s website absolutely sucks with Pages timing out and cvs getting deleted. Thankfully I’m fairly IT literate, or at me so I think, I could eventually navigate my way but thanks to the government’s “initiatives I know have to apply for pretty much any job that is available in my area regardless of if I’m even remotely suitable for it. I’m an IT technician not a Kirk Hammett around the issues but for someone less technically able than me, it’s going to be a challenge.

Every two weeks I’ve to attend the job centre on Wednesday at 10 AM. It’s a 12 minute interview to make sure that you have been looking for work and for them to basically chat online what you’ve been doing online.

You don’t get any reimbursement for travelling to the job centre. So this means out of the measly £72.25 I get per week, about 4 pounds of that is taking up just for going to the job centre. Taking the bus doesn’t work out that much cheaper either.

The government cutbacks are even more evident in the actual job centre building itself first. Being on a very small amount of money per week does mean that you have to be careful using your mobile phone so you would think they would have phones in place at the job centre to call up potential job prospects.

In my job centre they have one. And the one phone is going to be removed next month and they said “please made alternative arrangements”

Now don’t get me wrong I completely understand that some people on benefits really do take it to the extreme but that has an unfortunate knock-on effect for the rest of us. Any small excuse the job centre has to stop your benefits they will take it. When my dad passed away almost 2 years ago that was almost a good enough reason for them despite having all the proof that they needed. My job seeking “coach” at the time said it’s time to start carrying on again. A little bit heartless given the funeral had yet to take place.

This also has an interesting effect on the government statistics because when you come off of jobseekers allowance you’re no longer classed as being unemployed. Can you see what they’ve done here?

Being more roofless and removing people from having jobseekers allowance it makes to government statistics looks better. What they don’t publish is the sister sticks for people reclaiming any short amount of time.

Back on the job hunt.

3 thoughts on “Back on the job hunt.

  1. Phil says:

    Shitty news man, sorry to hear that. Job hunting does suck balls, it also makes you really, really lazy. Sitting around all day, following the Homes Under The Hammer routine, having some dinner, walking the dogs, rinse and repeat.

    Once you’ve done that for a couple of months, it’s really difficult to motivate yourself properly in work.

    As for the government and statistics, after your 6 months of job seekers benefit you’re given fuck all, meaning that your no longer unemployed! HURAH !

  2. marxworld says:

    Shit, seriously. They only give you 6 months to find work and then you’re screwed? That’ll make things interesting around here.

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