Please don’t use word for job applications.

surely if I’m going to take the time to fill out a job application form that the company could make sure their job application form a least formats properly when you open it up in Microsoft word.

Seriously it’s a complete joke that you have to press the insert key to overtype only stupid dotted lines.

I actually think it’s a form of discrimination against Apple users. What do you do when you have a Mac but no version of word installed? Pages sure as hell isn’t going to cut it because you can guarantee they would give you some stupid formatting or Box tool to make the page “look nice”.

You can’t even print the application form to a PDF because it’s been that badly constructive all of the formatting gets screwed up.

PDF files, although better, are still not without their own faults. Normally it’s a one shot affair so after you’ve pressed send you won’t even get a copy for your own records unless you have a printer. When filling in a PDF all you have to pray that they have set up all the formatting and it will allow spellchecking.

Finally then there is the issue of placing a hand written signature into an electronic documents. I have still yet to find a job application form where they have properly allowed the use of a digital ink signature. I won’t even mention about digital signatures because that seems beyond the grasp of anyone.

What’s sparked off this one is that I had to fill out a job application form for an IT technician job i’m how to put up with such a badly formatted Word document I almost didn’t want to apply for the job.

Please don’t use word for job applications.

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