Back to work. Dealing with job interviews.

Next week I have two job interviews to attend, one is local and the other is based up in Gloucester. The Gloucester one means a just under three hour drive to get there however.

The local job is just about £6000 less per year than the job away so this leads me with a dilemma. Just how much money am I willing to give up to stay where I live right now?

Moving away is a pretty terrifying prospect, not only does it mean giving up what little other social life I have also puts me right back working with those “city” types who think dress down Friday is a perk.

Despite having 10+ years of second line support the away job had to be convinced that I was actually a second line engineer. It makes me wonder who’s doing the hiring and firing when it’s pretty evident on my resume what my skills are. The recruitment agency just stop short of asking have I used windows!

Thankfully, although it does make me wonder why they would do this for me, they updated my resume for me to give my skills an extra added Punch.

20140523-191745-69465930.jpg this is my view on a Friday evening, how does yours look?

Me away job seems to be quite heavily focused on all of the qualifications that I don’t have. Which brings me nicely onto the job nearby.

Jr IT technician.
The advertising for this one is a little strange to say the least. But this particular role there after graduates who is seeking their first experience in IT support.

Back to work. Dealing with job interviews.

One thought on “Back to work. Dealing with job interviews.

  1. Phil says:

    Job one; They’ll say your overqualified. I guarantee it.

    Job two: Gloucester is a pretty place. Pretty expensive as well. Can you blag it enough to get a good foothold there?

    Good luck whichever way you go, looking for jobs/going to interviews suck big hairy balls.

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