Help a brother out

So I’m trying to keep my head above water and believe it or not blogging doesn’t go that far to keeping some sort of food in my stomach, but you can help.. FOR FREE. Just 1 click, no sign ups, no spam just one click on a video will give me $1.

Well now it’s 2 clicks. Just head to (that’s my site and guaranteed spam / malware / shite free)

Click on play in the 2 ads that I’ve marked out below. That’s it. That will help me just pull in a few dollars and if it’s done a couple of times a day that would be great.
whats the word app answers

Honestly this isn’t a scam and it’s a genuine advertisement that I use for my other, non depressing rambling sites. Any money raise goes towards the following

Car tax £150 for 6 months
Car insurance £30 a month
Electricity £7 a week

etc etc. This isn’t taking into account food. So for the sake of 3 clicks you’d be helping me out loads.

Oh and I’d actually take Marxworld to it’s own domain!

Help a brother out

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