Back to work: interview day (live blog)

It’s Tuesday, 9:08 AM and I’m on the way to Gloucester which is the distance of about 120 miles each way.

Is some basic enough to show you what I have to deal with whilst being unemployed.
There are 4.54 liters to a gallon
4.54 times by 1.28 equals £5.81
120 miles divided by 35 mpg = 5.7
Total cost of one trip £33.71
Just under half of my weekly jobseekers allowance.

Used to be the case you could claim milage allowance for many interviews outside of your local area but with all the cutbacks just recently I’m not sure if this applies any more.

Looks like I have to call the job centre that they don’t open until 10 Am.

Still got 37 miles to go before I even hit the motorway and I’ve just realised I forgot to pack my cup of tea which I made especially for this trip. It’s going to be a long day.

10:08 AM.
Bored, so very bored. In the light of my boredom here are some utterly useless statistics.
38 miles down.
35.8 mpg one hour one minute spent driving so far
Average speed 37 mph


2 hours 2 minutes
Average speed 50 mpg
103 miles covered
38.5 mpg
6 police vehicles.
2 breakdowns
0 people who know how to indicate
1 cup of tea.

11:38 AM
60 miles to go and I’ve just had an interesting chat with the IT recruitment agency. It seems they are looking for someone who is technically minded but with bags of character. The last chapter they had it for an interview was very good technically but a little bit too geeky for their liking.

This could potentially be quite a good position if I get it but I don’t honestly know if I could go back to living in the built-up could find on the city. Having a social life is much easier to deal with when you are out in the middle of nowhere. For some reason being surrounded by an endless stream of buildings just makes it all the more harder to deal with.

Looking at the job specification and the accreditations there after the wage that they are paying is quite good but I have a funny feeling the following will happen. I’m willing to bet that for this particular role they are going to say that I’m not qualified enough and offered me a lower wage. With the job closer to home I bet they’re going to say, like Phil said, I will be hopelessly overqualified. Leave me that takes some doing ending up in the middle of no mans land.

1848. Still not home.
40.1 mpg
2 hrs 50 travelling.
53 mph
151 miles down and 20 so to go.

Interview went too well.

Back to work: interview day (live blog)

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