Well, the last two days of interviews have been interesting and couldn’t be more poles apart if they tried.

After the hundred and 80 mile marathon drive to Gloucester you end up in a business Park, surrounded by large players like Lloyds bank, EDF Energy and Sainsbury’s.

Gloucester-based support company obviously has an incredibly wealthy investor judging by the facilities, Mammoth amount of Microsoft, Cisco, Hewlett placard Gold Partner accreditations non-of which come cheap.

My interviewer was somebody who used to work for the Lotus F1 team and as you can imagine, people like that don’t come cheap, and my interview lasted just a little over two hours. I’ve had an interview like this before. This one was purely about getting to know the person and seeing if they would be fit for the company, rather than the traditional human resources and then a load of technical questions style interview.

I think this is the first ever company I’ve been to where they seem to actively want to make an investment in people. If I was to get the job within two weeks I would be away on my first training course and after that several more. With every training course completed I would get a bonus. He was quite open and honest with me that there is no reason why salary base rate could increase by an extra £5000 by the end of the year.

Much of the conversation was also probing about how well I get on with people (I lied) and placing a big chunk of the interview on T work and getting on with progression inside a company. All of this was quite alien to me because I’ve never been in a company with any sort of path of progression. Normally I’m just there to do that job and that’s it. It was almost as if he was selling the company and the company’s beliefs to me of which did a very good job but of course my cynical nature kicks in thinking this sounds all too good to be true. You know when you’ve waited to hear something for ages and when you do finally hear it you can’t quite believe it? That was me yesterday.

Sending done it was a really enjoyable interview because when you spend that amount of time around someone you do lose that front you put on during an interview and start to get to know the person behind it.

What’s on offer here?
A decent? Wage (for the area)
Training and progression.
A company that seems to value the person
To ensure access to new gadgets and software from Microsoft before release.

Interview two
In Stark contrast I walk up to the interview after a 15 minute drive The location of which is right by the sea as it’s an oil and gas storage facility.

I would be working with another chap looking after 70 desktop PCs, 50 of which are only ever in use. This is more a jack of all trade jobs because I could be fixing a PC, Wi-Fi or helping out on the forklift truck in stores. Was only 17 people ever on site date to placed a great emphasis on the ability to get along with people and the team work stuff.

This interview was all done interested under 30 minutes which isn’t as bad as it seems. 50 people applied for the position, seven shortlisted and callbacks for a second interview with an on-site so will probably happen at the start of next week.

My gut feeling is that this is going to be a very laid-back job. There were no shirts and ties instead company polo shirts, no women wearing tops with a plunging neckline and power dressing he wanted to be respected for their mind I’m and not their body despite showing an enormous amount of cleavage but the best bit of all are the hours.

8 AM till 4 PM Monday to Thursday.
8 AM till 3 PM on Friday.

The good stuff.
It’s local.
It’s not just about IT it’s doing the manual work as well.

I know it’s too early to say what’s going to happen but I do have that distinctly unsettling feeling that I can see myself ending up with both jobs and knowing that’s a bloody difficult decision lies on my horizon.

P PS don’t forget to check out the help brother out” post. I clicking the play on the one of the video outlets and letting it run in the background you will hear me one dollar per view. So just click the link to open up the page and in Utah, press play and know you’ve done a good deed for the day.


One thought on “Interviews.

  1. Phil says:

    Oddly, I would probably go for the 1st job if your offered it. Sounds to me, like you said, they are interested in the person first and skills second. And even though it’s the big wide world again, you’ve probably got a better chance of having a job you enjoy going to, maybe working with people you like.

    Oh and more access to pussy. Just sayin’

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