Counting my chickens way too early

They say pride comes before a fall in my case confidence comes before a fall as of just been told I won’t be getting a second interview for the job in Gloucester.

I have to admit I am completely shocked and crestfallen that I wasn’t going to get a second interview. As I said in yesterday’s post my interview lasted just over two and a bit hours and I really thought we were on the same wavelength. Turns out it was a close run thing but then again everybody says that and they felt that I haven’t been to my old employer just a little bit too much.

I can’t see where they are coming from but in my point I was just reinforcing the team player and company focused they have of ensuring that everybody gets along just fine.

Also admits that now I wish I had gone into the second interview, the one locally, with a little bit more enthusiasm.

But I was always there is a twist in the tale with the second job. I’ve just found out from a friend that one of the chaps who interviewed me is the brother of a guy who worked in my old company who doesn’t like me. Nothing is ever simple.

I’ve been thinking about both of the jobs and I came to this conclusion. The first job I would’ve liked just to have seen if what he was saying was true. The investment in people, training and being part of a team. Sure the money would’ve been absolutely amazing but I would be giving up a lot for that money.

The second job I feel suits me more down to the ground however. Second-line support but also getting involved hands-on physically in other areas of the company. I’ve never mind it helping out delivering stock, unpacking lorries, getting up into high places to fix Wi-Fi signals etc etc and I think this is where I am more suited to being if I’m honest with myself.

Perhaps it’s just me being lazy, having a lack of drive to really push myself or maybe it’s realising the sort of job and level I would be happy out. Either way at least I only have the stress now of hoping to get the second interview i’m not having to choose between two jobs.

The plus side of this second job is definitely the hours and location. Working 8 AM till 4 PM Monday to Thursday but on a Friday finishing at three 8 PM sounds bloody amazing although I’m pretty sure I won’t be saying that when I have to leave my house at 7:15 AM every morning LOL.

I can imagine there being less stressed as well as I’m not going to be monitored against KP eyes or driven to achieve bonuses and all of that stuff I really can’t stand but then again is that just me showing a lack of ambition and being lazy?

It is starting to make me wonder if I really have given up and keep settling for things lower and lower. The wages of the best, the location isn’t the best, but it’s all about trying to find the positives and my Willy is the more we try and find the positives the harder we settle and justify our choices.

But that being said it’s not like I have any choices to make at the moment.

Just a shame that I’m going to have to hope that my interview wasn’t too lacklustre and the brother of the guy who interviewed me doesn’t find out I went for that job.

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Counting my chickens way too early

One thought on “Counting my chickens way too early

  1. Phil says:

    I hope you keep the bidet advert ! Oh and shit luck with the 1st job, a positive to take from this is that at least they let you know the outcome, and quickly. I went for many jobs last year and all but one flat out fucking ignored me after interview/application.

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