An eBay auction a day.

I think I decided that I need to turn a corner in my life I’m not being beholden to any debts. So for the next seven days I’m going to list something of mine doing my eBay a day idea.

If I can actually keep to routine or accomplish doing something for seven days it might actually throw some positivity out into the universe and stop me getting shitted on from a great height.

Although I’ve just realised a slight flaw with this plan. Listing something on eBay is fine but having it sell is an entirely different matter.

It’s not like I have anything worth much value at all if I’m going to be honest. Most of it is just junk that for one reason or another I’ve held on to over the years. Perhaps as a reminder of glory days gone by.

That reminds me I really must look into the distance selling regulations. I know that’s as a consumer you can return goods up to 14 days after purchasing them but it doesn’t say if they have to be unused or even still in the original packaging?

Time to make a whopping great big banner that says sold as seen I suppose

An eBay auction a day.

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