Why do weekends still feel like weekends?


It’s another Saturday evening and here I am sat in the middle of a disused airfield walking the dogs and daft as it may seem it feels like the weekend.

Being unemployed means I get to spend most of my time at home. More often than not the days simply blend together and I can’t actually tell what day it is at times up until it becomes the weekend.

When I was working in Dubai the working week was from Sunday to Thursday meaning that finally and Saturday night was the weekend. It’s a little bit hard to wrap your head around it out first making a Saturday into Sunday but it works.

Whilst pretty much the rest of the world is having that day off, working on Sunday really that you catch up and get ahead of things.

As I’ve started this blog post I’m actually finding it incredibly hard to say what’s going through my mind, just in case you hadn’t guessed.

I can’t explain it but I just feel more worse off at the weekend. Granted I’m in an almost privileged position where I don’t have to crawl out of bed at 7 AM on a Monday morning but still.

Maybe it comes down to this. In the week when you’re keeping yourself busy you don’t have time to miss that social elements or miss wanting to spend time with someone special. That’s where it is the time to be so sure there is no one to be social with.

As I’m not making any sense I think I will cut this blog post short and try to articulate myself better later on.

Why do weekends still feel like weekends?

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