A sure fire thing.

What is it whenever I choose that for once I’m going to go with my instincts, my instincts completely fail me and I don’t know what way to turn?

So in my last post I was griping about the fact a company had offered me a job for 7 pounds an hour doing work which was at least worth double that.

Having nothing to lose because I believed I had another job which was a surefire thing I played a bit of a stalling game after I asked for a pay rise. I do know the job was advertised at 1002 1500 per month and he only offered me 7 pounds

Whilst away camping he decides to text me and withdraw his offer.

Relaxing in the knowledge that there was a high probability of getting a job outside for two months I wasn’t exactly worried about this although I had been second-guessing myself if to take that work.

Come to the following conclusion on that job. I don’t mind doing the job for minimum wage as long as it’s something different but when someone tries to actively pay you half of your hourly rates for all of your skills, expertise, inputs and increasing profitability then I felt on moral line had to be drawn.

So the second job was going out and cutting hedge rows for the next two months. The last few weeks I’ve checked in with the guy and he says “it shouldn’t be a problem”, I’ll get paperwork drawn up, I’ll make a phone call and then last night guess what.

It seems that the company which had many, many unreliable people who would work a week and then bugger off is now okay for staff.

Loads of these situations one thing I’ve learnt is that for some reason I have a temporary paralysis and become unable to think when it comes to making a big decision.

also it’s being a good lesson in learning just how much people are willing to settle for things. I asked a few people I know what should I do, should I have taken the job for 7 pounds and work for half and my hourly rate just because it’s a job. 9/10 people (as to statistic) said yes. Is that then mean those nine people if the boss came up to them and said we can only afford to pay you half of what we’re paying you now would accept it’s because it’s a job?

if so that brings up a very worrying president. We all know with consumer electronics it’s always a race to the bottom to get the market share but is this same effect happening in the workplace?

I mean people will quite happily pay over and above for a car because of its perceived value and to them because it’s worth it. Yet with business, jobs and employment it seems to be completely different.

I guess I’ve just reached the heart of the arguments as to why I wasn’t happy doing that job for the money he was offering. If you were to look at your job now, the two people who read this now, what would be the absolute minimum you would be prepared to work for?

A sure fire thing.

One thought on “A sure fire thing.

  1. Phil says:

    The absolute minimum I would work for is what i’m on now.. £7.97/hour. And those 9 people who said you should have took the job were wrong, fuck those assholes.

    You did the right thing, don’t let some corporate wanker fuck you in the ass.

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