The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away’?

I can’t remember if I blogged about this but it’s a couple of months ago I got stopped in my car outside my local Tesco. The problem with buying a car from a boy racer is there will be a few issues.

In this case said boy racer had decided to fix the sidelights with LED lights. One of these had an intimate thoughts and of course that intermittent fault up to happen the moment the police came around the corner.

Long story short I was caught without a valid MOT certificate.

Anyway the good news is that after a few weeks of waiting I received, for once, I nice letter from my local police station who looked at my case and have decided that “I’ve learnt my lesson”

Happy days! Whilst a £60 fines wouldn’t be exactly the end of the world is still a bit of a financial burden that I could kill afford.

Now the Lord’s taketh away.

As I’ve said many times before the nights that tend to be sleepless are often, somehow, a sign of impending bad news.

My track record with this has been fairly impeccable in this regard. I’ve been looking at ways that this might be coming subdental, looking at my diets, had I been drinking, perhaps I’ve had a cuppa tea too late at night.

Sadly no. I know how this sounds. It sounds like the ramblings of a mad person trying to justify sleepless nights or perhaps an attaching to events together that have no causality.

The first time I became aware of this was the night before my father sadly passed away. Also yesterday it was his birthday. God bless you dad, rest in peace.

Anyways back to the main point of this story. It seems that the grip of Bluestone hasn’t relinquished its control of me just yet.

Letter one was from the jobs seekers allowance stating that my claim is under review due to the circumstances of the termination of my employment with Bluestone.

I know exactly who is responsible for this and if Nuttallia Miles ever does a search on her name then hopefully she will see this blog post and realise what a cow she is being. This is a woman who has no professionality what’s the weather instead uses her family’s influence within the company to climb up the ranks.

I kid you not. I mean what company would take on a woman who is four months pregnant as a PA to one of the main directors of the company and then five months later is a senior HR officer working next to the financial controller?

so this leaves me worrying about my jobseekers allowance.

Letter number two.

For some reason the council have decided I am no longer eligible for single person occupancy discount. I realise that the economic Times are still harsh but classing my cats as my partner seems to be taking things a bit far.

Not that any of this has made me paranoid you understand. If you look back at a previous entry where the sister of my landlady is now trying everything she can to get the house that I live in I wonder if this is 1+1 equals two or just purely circumstantial?

I can completely understand where the council come from in many ways. There must be a boatload of people trying to game the system I’m trying to get more than they are entitled to.

That reminds me, letter three.

The battle for my dad is inherent in C continues. This week instead of trying to give me a third of which I am legally entitled to she’s trying to jot that down to a fifth.

I need to find out where I stand legally about hair selling or giving away any possessions in the house whilst there is still a battle of intestacy.

The way I see things right now is that I can’t back down. I have nothing and if I lose I will have nothing so I will have lost nothing but she stands to lose a lot more than I do.

The final cuts this week came and the last paragraph of the above letter.

My solicitor who I haven’t really been that happy with but she is the only one I know of qualified to deal with this sort of matter also told me that she’s going to be leaving to emigrate to New Zealand.

This puts me in the hands of the rather lovely but rather upper-middle-class Samantha. Samantha was my original solicitor that passed me on to Catherine because Katherine has more experience in these matters.

My main worry here is that I’ve gone from a week solicitor to an even weaker solicitor and believe me dads widow is playing extremely hardba

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away’?

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