Coincidence? Two years ago today

Two years ago today I was told that my dad had passed away. Perhaps I should feel bad that I didn’t remember it was today instead I found out by the mighty power of Facebook.

If I’m honest I find it really upsetting that both my half sister and her mum seem to have completely denounced me from ever being part of the family.

On their Facebook page there have been hundreds of comments and wishing you well and all of their thoughts are with them etc etc and yet despite posting in that thread, nobody has said a word to me.

So today I think I might have realised that all of the time is dad said “he doesn’t want any fighting” it was always at me but now I realise it wasn’t. Perhaps it was what he wanted to say to her but couldn’t.

Whilst I’m in the mood for full disclosure basically she’s trying to take me to the cleaners.

She’s undervalued both properties that dad had.

She gave away all of dads possessions without telling anyone.

Antique guns were given as a gift to dad’s brother but then miraculously destroyed when I asked for a valuation.

She put in a claim to say there was no life insurance yet I know for a fact there was.

And you know something, I words of letter have her own way if only she had decided and chosen to be nice to me.

I would’ve happily taken all of this on the chin if she remains polite and in contact with me but in the two years since my dad passed away I have never heard anything from her. Christmas cards, and a birthday cards, anything despite every year me sending them both a card.

I have a problem with my solicitor as well I think, yes I know that might come as a shock to some people that I have a problem with someone I honestly don’t feel that we’re fighting. The solicitor just seems to be leaving it up to me to do my research and come up with ideas rather than her doing any guiding whatsoever.

Like I said in a previous post this matter is it going to be helped by her emigrating to New Zealand and being left with her colleague who is a trainee with regards to will intestacy

As now for something completely different and very odd.

During what was going to be unbeknownst to be one of my last visit back home I ended up meeting a woman called Gemma.

Gemma happened to be one of the nurses working in the emergency ward on the very day that dad was taken to hospital.

We met up, talked, shared a KFC that was about it.

Yesterday I had a match on Tinder, the application which is a never ending carousel of shallowness personified.

Guess what, she’s a doctor.

If I didn’t think any different I would think that dad is having a little bit of a chuckle with me

Coincidence? Two years ago today

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