Little updates.

Where to start? Okay so it looks like any possible adventures with the doctor has no being kicked into touch. Despite my best efforts asking leading questions that invite conversations all I’m getting are quick to word answers.

Snelly you are the master of this sort of stuff so if you have any suggestions let me know. AP has once again been fantastic supporting me in my latest disastrous attempts to try and flirt with a member of the opposite sex.

Anyone else ever get those days where sometimes you feel that you don’t have much luck with this sort of thing because it’s the way you look and if you get past that hurdle send me your personality takes a vacation?

Next up on the agenda is Marlin financial services. This is going to be a topic into itself but hopefully I found a forum with some good advice to try and ended dispute about a credit card I had back in 2007.

In yet more legal manglings I have to decide whether or not to accept the offer given to me from my dads wife solicitors or is to dig my heels in.

Right now 2014 has given me its fair share of kickings so there is a small, very small temptation to take some money, find a plot of land, I’m stick a caravan on it. It’s just a shame the money I’m being offered wouldn’t even buy a reasonably nice new car.

But for once though I’m going to end on a good night and update you with my latest adventures in strimming.

That’s right, in a complete departure from my usual work I’m now subcontracted to the council strimming

Little updates.

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